Protector’s Order 2111-000A

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Protector’s Order 2111-000A is the number assigned to an Announcement made on the TRMN Forums issued 05 November 2021 by the High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy. It outlines the "Sneaky Edition" of the Office of the High Admiral Fall 2021 Awards.

Order Text

Unto all members of the Grayson Space Navy, citizens of the Grand Alliance, and members of the Folk. It is with great pleasure that we are able to surprise and acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond in their work, and to recognize people in places that others can share.

It is with the the greatest Joy that we award Steadholder Fitzgerald, Captain Phil Clayton, with the Silver Cross of Courage. This has been nominated and seconded, and is best summed up by the words that nominated him.

"I am writing this recommendation after several messages passed between myself and Captain SG Firestine. He brought to my attention that Captain Clayton has been a great asset to Escort Division 06; working diligently to keep crewmembers engaged with virtual activities and local-level challenges, and encouraging participation with the rest of Third Fleet and TRMN. He has also cultivated a sense of family throughout the division, sharing the good times as well as the unfortunate ones as seen after the recent unfortunate passing of one of their members from Covid.

For the past several years, Captain Clayton has made use of his Grayson Steadholdership to host an annual "Steading Days" event, which is almost a mini-convention of sorts: formal ceremonies, panels/presentations, dinners, etc. According to Captain Firestine, this event has been an excellent opportunity for members to gather together in person, especially in recent days when local Covid restrictions (which Captain Clayton and crew have diligently followed) make such things difficult. Captain Firestine suggests that these efforts are worthy of recognition, and I certainly agree."

For all of his hard work, gracious efforts, and for being a wonderful inspiration, we ask that everyone give him a round of cheers and perhaps a drink if you ever have the pleasure of attending Steadding Days.

With joy and service to the Tester and the Protector,

Issued by:
James Jones
High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy
"May we all meet our Test when it is given!"

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