Eighth Fleet Order 1803-01

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Eighth Fleet Order 1803-01 was issued 1 March 2018 by the Commander, Eighth Fleet.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in Eighth Fleet, The Royal Manticoran Navy
From: J. Eddy Roberts, Rear Admiral, Commander, Eighth Fleet
Re: Promotion - Amy Hinson • Eighth Fleet Order 1803-01

Having met the necessary criteria and having sufficient time in grade for promotion, I hereby announce that as of 1 MARCH 2018, Amy Hinson, RMN-0806-12, of the HMS Wolf, has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, JG.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Hinson, you are hereby directed and required to proceed aboard the HMS Wolf to take upon the duties and responsibilities assigned to you in the service to the Crown. Great Job! Congratulations!

By my Hand, 1 MARCH 2018, in the name of Queen Elizabeth III.

Issued by:
J. Eddy Roberts, QCB, MC, SC, CBM
Rear Admiral, RMN
Eighth Fleet, Commanding

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