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LAC Carrier (CLAC)
Superdreadnought (SD)
Dreadnought (DN)
Battlecruiser (BC)
Heavy Cruiser (CA)
Light Cruiser (CL)
Destroyer (DD)
Light Attack Craft (LAC)
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The Dreadnought (HCS: DN) is a hull type utilized by the Royal Manticoran Navy, Grayson Space Navy, and the Republic of Haven Navy.


The following are classes of Dreadnought available within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.:

Royal Manticoran Navy

Grayson Space Navy

  • No classes available at this time.

Republic of Haven Navy

  • No classes available at this time.

Imperial Andermani Navy

  • No classes available at this time.