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Imperial Prinz Adalbert Marineakademie
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PAMA Fredrick the Great School of Naval Exception
PAMA Admiral Scheer College of Naval Leadership
Junior Officer School
Senior Officer School
PAMA Gustav I Command College of Space Warfare
PAMA Sun-Tzu Academy of Military Philosophy
PAMA Tsingtao College of Naval Specialization

The specialists of the Imperial Andermani Navy are trained to fulfill the complex tasks of shipboard duty. The courses are recommended for both Enlisted and Officers. The Andermani Specialty courses are designed to build and broaden a spacer’s knowledge so that they can take on large responsibility as they progress in rank. The divisional courses will encompass multiple specialty areas while introducing more detailed information about each specialty. The departmental courses cover all the specialties within the department at a high level still. The goal is that in time the spacer will come to see the interdependence and synergy of all the areas within a department so that senior NCOs and officers can more efficiently manage their crew.

PAMA specialty.png

Deck Course

Deck Department personnel specialize in a range of assignments. They make up the navigation team, send and receive communications, provide ship’s maintenance, launch, operate and recover small craft. This group of crewmen are instrumental in the smooth operation of any naval vessel. The Deck Department is divided into two divisions (Command and Navigation), of which each is broken into three sections of specialties.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Boatswain PAMA-IAN-S111 PAMA-IAN-0001
Communication PAMA-IAN-S112 PAMA-IAN-0001
Operations Course PAMA-IAN-S113 PAMA-IAN-0001
Command PAMA-IAN-S211 PAMA-IAN-S111
Coxswain PAMA-IAN-S114 PAMA-IAN-0001
Plotting PAMA-IAN-S115 PAMA-IAN-0001
Quartermaster Course PAMA-IAN-S116 PAMA-IAN-0001
Navigation PAMA-IAN-S212 PAMA-IAN-S114
Deck Extended Studies PAMA-IAN-S312 PAMA-IAN-S311

Engineering Course

The Engineering Department is at the heart of every ship. Without their knowledge and expertise, everything on board the vessel would stop working. They have responsibilities from creating all of the ship’s power and then maintaining anything that would use that power, especially propulsion and environmental system. The Engineering Department consists of two divisions (Main Systems and Specialty Systems) and each is made up of three sections.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Impeller PAMA-IAN-S121 PAMA-IAN-0001
Power PAMA-IAN-S122 PAMA-IAN-0001
Electronic PAMA-IAN-S123 PAMA-IAN-0001
Main Systems PAMA-IAN-S221 PAMA-IAN-S121
Environmental PAMA-IAN-S124 PAMA-IAN-0001
Damage Control PAMA-IAN-S125 PAMA-IAN-0001
Computer Systems PAMA-IAN-S126 PAMA-IAN-0001
Specialty Systems PAMA-IAN-S222 PAMA-IAN-S124
Engineering PAMA-IAN-S321 PAMA-IAN-S221
Engineering Extended Studies PAMA-IAN-S320 PAMA-IAN-S321

Warfare Course

The Warfare Department is dedicated to the traditional sense of ship combat from the time of sails. The department is divided between offensive and defensive capabilities. With the Weapon systems focusing on beam and missile system and the Tactical Systems focused on detection and tracking of all threats. The Warfare Department is made up of two divisions (Weapons and Tactical) and they are each made up of three sections of specialties.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Missiles PAMA-IAN-S131 PAMA-IAN-0001
Beam Weapons PAMA-IAN-S132 PAMA-IAN-0001
Mines/Pods PAMA-IAN-S133 PAMA-IAN-0001
Weapons PAMA-IAN-S231 PAMA-IAN-S131
Electronic Warfare PAMA-IAN-S134 PAMA-IAN-0001
Sensors and Drones PAMA-IAN-S135 PAMA-IAN-0001
Point Defense PAMA-IAN-S136 PAMA-IAN-0001
Tactical PAMA-IAN-S232 PAMA-IAN-S134
Warfare PAMA-IAN-S331 PAMA-IAN-S231
Warfare Extended Studies PAMA-IAN-S332 PAMA-IAN-S331

General Services Course

The General Services Department is responsible for the general flow of business on board any vessel. The department is broken into those that provide services to a crewman and those that provide services for the crew. But at the heart of this department is the procurement, management and distribution of ships supplies to promote healthy and happy crewmembers. The General Services Department has two divisions (Personal Services and Administrative Services) with each divided into three specialty sections.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Commissary Clerk PAMA-IAN-S141 PAMA-IAN-0001
Steward PAMA-IAN-S142 PAMA-IAN-0001
Musician PAMA-IAN-S143 PAMA-IAN-0001
Personal Services PAMA-IAN-S241 PAMA-IAN-S141
Store Clerk PAMA-IAN-S144 PAMA-IAN-0001
Yeoman PAMA-IAN-S145 PAMA-IAN-0001
Staff Services PAMA-IAN-S146 PAMA-IAN-0001
Administrative Services PAMA-IAN-S242 PAMA-IAN-S144
General Services PAMA-IAN-S341 PAMA-IAN-S241
General Services Extended Studies PAMA-IAN-S342 PAMA-IAN-S341

Special Services Course

The Special Services Department is responsible for the defense of the ship for without and within. This can occur through the gathering and analysis of information or through police action. The unique talents in this department, when combined together, provide the crew with a level of protection to allow them to focus on theirs without worry. The Special Services Department has two main divisions (Force Protection and Naval Planning) with each possessing two specialty sections.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Feldjager PAMA-IAN-S151 PAMA-IAN-0001
Küstenwache PAMA-IAN-S152 PAMA-IAN-0001
Forensic Investigation PAMA-IAN-S153 PAMA-IAN-0001
Kriminalpolizei PAMA-IAN-S251 PAMA-IAN-S151
Intelligence Specialist PAMA-IAN-S154 PAMA-IAN-0001
Civil Affairs PAMA-IAN-S155 PAMA-IAN-0001
Cryptography PAMA-IAN-S156 PAMA-IAN-0001
Information Warfare PAMA-IAN-S252 PAMA-IAN-S154
Special Services PAMA-IAN-S351 PAMA-IAN-S251
Special Services Extended Studies PAMA-IAN-S352 PAMA-IAN-S351

Medical Services

This service is responsible for finding missing and/or damage personnel through all of their medical care. The combat rescue team will find the injured, perform triage and transport them to a medical facility, no matter the condition. While the patient care team will take over upon delivery and see to it that their care is of the highest quality to allow them to make a complete and speedy recovery.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Pararescuemen PAMA-IAN-S161 PAMA-IAN-0001
Combat Medical Specialist PAMA-IAN-S162 PAMA-IAN-0001
Hazmat Medical Specilalist PAMA-IAN-S163 PAMA-IAN-0001
Combat Rescue Specialist PAMA-IAN-S261 PAMA-IAN-S161
Pharmacist Mate PAMA-IAN-S164 PAMA-IAN-0001
Medical Assistant PAMA-IAN-S165 PAMA-IAN-0001
Physicians Assistant PAMA-IAN-S166 PAMA-IAN-0001
Patient Care Specialist PAMA-IAN-S262 PAMA-IAN-S164
Medical Services PAMA-IAN-S361 PAMA-IAN-S261
Medical Services Extended Studies PAMA-IAN-S362 PAMA-IAN-S361

PAMA Light Attack Craft School

The LAC School represents the wide-ranging system defense craft that are part of the IAN’s defense policies: With as many planets are part of the Empire and parts being policed by IAN units, there is a lack of hyper-capable ships to go around. As such the Wehrkreis, War Fleets, are the principal response to active threats; however remote stations may have to resort to LAC’s. As such, these commanders of these craft are required to go through a more rigorous course to ensure that they are prepared for any and all threats that may arrive on station with their limited system resources. The LAC School is a high honor and seen as the fastest route to a command position because it is made up of only the best and the brightest that the Empire can offer! LAC houses two primary technical divisions (Operations and Tactical) with each of them composed of three technical sections each.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
LAC Piloting PAMA-IAN-L111 PAMA-IAN-0001
LAC Flight Engineer PAMA-IAN-L112 PAMA-IAN-0001
LAC Maintenance PAMA-IAN-L113 PAMA-IAN-0001
LAC Operations PAMA-IAN-L211 PAMA-IAN-L111
LAC Weapons PAMA-IAN-L114 PAMA-IAN-0001
LAC Electronic Warfare PAMA-IAN-L115 PAMA-IAN-0001
LAC Assault Tactics PAMA-IAN-L116 PAMA-IAN-0001
LAC Tactical PAMA-IAN-L212 PAMA-IAN-L114
LAC Command PAMA-IAN-L3011 PAMA-IAN-L211
LAC Extended Studies PAMA-IAN-L312 PAMA-IAN-L311