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Calculating Credits

Credit calculation is simple. The number of hours played is the base credit value of any game. This number is modified by the number of TRMN members participating in a game. The result is the credit value of the game session.

The minimum credits possible for a game session is 0.25 credits, or 15 minutes. If a game lasts less than 15 minutes, multiple plays might be necessary to make the minimum time.

Credit Multiplier

Number of Players Multiplier
One or Two 1
Three 2
Four 3
Five or More 4

As an example, if four TRMN members play Axis & Allies for four hours, the credit hours are multiplied by 3 (because there are four players) for a total of 12 hours. Likewise, if three members had played for 5 hours, the total credit hours would be 10. No matter how many players are involved in the game, no credit multiplier is ever more than 4.

Special Cases

  • Tournaments—Though individual bouts in a tournament may be one-on-one, for records purposes the entire tournament can be counted as a game session, including the credit multiplier. This works out favorably for the players and encourages tournament play.
  • Asynchronous Games—Many computer or mobile games are asynchronous; that is, players play their turns at different times from one another. A good example of this is Words with Friends, a Scrabble-like mobile game. One player may play their turn at midnight, while the next does not get around to playing their turn until noon the next day. All asynchronous games are credited at 0.25 credits per day of play. This credit only occurs on days when turns are actually played, not days between turns. This can be modified if the game allows clans or teams up to 1 credit per day for five or more TRMN members playing.
  • Arcade/Console Video Games—These can be combined into “sessions,” such as with tournaments. If a group of TRMN members spend an hour in an arcade playing together, then an hour of credit is earned, give or take the credit multiplier.

Issuing a Certificate

The issuing authority for each division of TRMN is the echelon at which certificates are issued to members. The units under each such authority are responsible for reporting to their issuing authority when a member has reached a marksmanship level. This can be done as soon as the level is reached, or at some predetermined interval—monthly, with reports perhaps. Or quarterly, to align with award cycles.

Each issuing authority will have its own guidance on reporting. For example, each numbered fleet is an issuing authority. That fleet commander or their designated range officer can issue guidance to the ships in that fleet on reporting when a member has earned a marksmanship level. Some issuing authorities will want copies of or access to the records of their subordinate units, others may be satisfied with an email from a ship or installation CO certifying that the requirements have been met. In any case, the records should be kept in case later verification is desired. Blank certificates are available through BuComm for the appropriate issuing authorities.

Wearing Marksmanship Awards

Every member of TRMN can qualify in all the categories of the marksmanship program, but some divisions do not have a separate device for each of the categories. In these cases, the awards are grouped together under the devices the service does include, and the highest marksmanship level among the group is what is worn.

For example, a Royal Marine, Grayson Sailor, and Army Soldier are all qualified as marksmen in Pistol, experts in Flechette Gun, and high experts in Rifle. The army soldier would wear each device, since the army has devices for each weapon / category. The marine would wear the Rifle High Expert ribbon, along with the Expert Pistol ribbon since Flechette Gun is included under Pistol for RMMC personnel. The Grayson sailor would wear the Expert Marksman device, since the Grayson awards recognize only the highest marksmanship level, regardless of category/weapon.

Markmanship Program Conversion Table

Pistol Pistol
Grenade Pistol
Flechette Gun Pistol
Plasma Carbine Pistol
Rifle Rifle
Disruptor Rifle
Tribarrel Rifle
Grenade Launcher Rifle
Plasma Rifle Rifle