Admiralty Order 1312-05

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This Admiralty Order was RESCINDED by Admiralty Order 1612-05

Admiralty Order 1312-05 was issued December 15, 2013 by the First Lord of the Admiralty. It replaces Admiralty Order 1303-02 with an updated civilian rank structure.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Marine Corps and Army
From: Admiral Lord Sir Martin Lessem, KDE, KCR, GS, First Lord of the Admiralty, Admiral of the Fleet, Duke, New Scania
Re: Civilian Ranks - Updated (Admiralty Order 1311-05)

This Admiralty Order replaces 1303-02. The following is a listing of the Civilian Ranks are available as of publication. A follow-up Admiralty Order will deal with Promotion Criteria for Civilians. The 2013 Membership Handbook will be updated to show Civilian Ranks in the Rank Comparison. This new system will implement a Civil Service path, a Intelligence path, and a Sphinxian Forestry Service Path mainly for Cadets and those who train them.

Rank Code Diplomatic Corps Intelligence Corps Sphinx Forestry Commission Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine Royal Manticoran Astro Control Service TIG
C-1 Civilian One Civilian One Cadet Ranger One Apprentice Merchant Spacer Trainee N/A
C-2 Civilian Two Civilian Two Cadet Ranger Two Able Merchant Spacer Petty Officer 3rd Class 3 Mos
C-3 Civilian Three Civilian Three Cadet Ranger Three Leading Merchant Spacer Petty Officer 2nd Class 5 Mos
C-4 Administrator Administrator Senior Cadet Ranger N/A Petty Officer 1st Class 15 Mos
C-5 Consular Staff Probationary Special Agent Ranger Chief Petty Officer Chief Petty Officer 24 Mos
C-6 Consular Agent Special Agent N/A Senior Chief Petty Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer 24 Mos
C-7 Embassy Staff Foreign Service Officer Ranger Corporal N/A Master Chief Petty Officer 24 Mos
C-8 Section Chief Section Chief N/A N/A C-5 + 6 Mos
C-9 Consular Attaché Consulate Intelligence Liaison Ranger Sergeant Officer Cadet Ensign C-5 + 9 Mos
C-10 Vice-consul Senior Special Agent Ranger Lieutenant Fourth Officer Lieutenant (Junior Grade) 12 Mos
C-11 Special Envoy Senior Principle Officer Ranger Captain Third Officer Lieutenant (Senior Grade) 12 Mos
C-12 Consul Chief of Station Ranger Major Second Officer Lieutenant Commander 18 Mos
C-13 Embassy Attaché Embassy Intelligence Liaison Ranger Lt. Colonel Chief/First Officer Commander 18 Mos
C-14 Embassy Senior Attaché Embassy Senior Intelligence Liaison Ranger Colonel Master/Captain N/A 20 Mos
C-15 Consul General Zone Chief Station Chief Ranger N/A Captain 20 Mos
C-16 Minister Resident Sector Chief Sector Chief Ranger N/A N/A 20 Mos
C-17 Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Regional Director Planetary Chief Ranger N/A Rear Admiral 24 Mos
C-18 Chargé d’affairs Deputy Director of Operations Head Ranger N/A Vice Admiral 24 Mos & by Appt.
C-19 Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Deputy Director of Intelligence Commissioner N/A Admiral 24 Mos & by Appt.
C-20 Foreign Minister Director of Intelligence N/A N/A N/A 24 Mos & by Appt.

This is how the Civilian Ranks will work:

Diplomatic Corps The Diplomatic Corps will be divided into Consulates, Consulate-Generals and Embassies. The Embassy will be responsible for creating Diplomatic ties with the Fan Organization to which they are assigned. For example, there will be a TRMN Ambassador assigned to the Colonial Cylon Alliance. They will have one Consulate-General per Region of the Organization to which they are assigned and one Consulate per State as appropriate. Attachés are subject matter experts there to advise those with a C-15 or higher. Military Attachés should come from the respective Branches of Service and are the only Military personnel permitted to hold the Civilian Billets of Consular Attaché or Embassy Attaché, but must have passed the appropriate course in the Civilian Academy to do so.

In the case of an organization that is directly hostile toward TRMN, an Envoy, rather than an Ambassador may be sent and a full structure of Consulates may or may not be established.

The Foreign Minister reports to the First Lord of the Admiralty

Intelligence Corps The Intelligence Corps will be divided into Stations, Zones, Sectors and Regions. Zones, Sectors and Regions generally correspond to Consulates, Consulate –Generals and Embassies. A Station is a particular location where extra Intelligence is essential. Major cities would be a prime example of this, and as such, New York City would be a Station.

The Intelligence Service will be tasked with [REDACTED] in [REDACTED] by [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].

The Director of Intelligence reports to the First Lord of the Admiralty

Sphinxian Forestry Commission The Sphinxian Forestry Service (SFC) is primarily a Cadet Service Branch of the Royal Manticoran Navy for those who wish a more Civilian track for their Children. Children under the age of 13 will also be assigned to the SFC and will, at 13 have a choice to switch to a Midshipman path. It is attached to the Office of the Sixth Space Lord. The Cadet ranks are all reserved for children. The remainder of the ranks are reserved for the Instructors at the Academy and Fleet Level SFC representatives. The Commissioner is the most senior member of the SFC and is responsible for the planning and execution of the Cadet Program.

The Commissioner reports to the Sixth Space Lord on Academy related Cadet activities and the First Lord of the Admiralty for Organizational Cadet activities

Royal Manticoran Merchant Marines The Royal Manticoran Merchant Marines is the group most focused on Civilian Chapter (ships). There will be three Classes/Types of Civilian Chapters, Medium Merchantmen, Heavy Merchantmen and Passenger Liners. From a crew perspective these will equate to Destroyers, Light Cruisers and Heavy Cruisers respectively. The command crew (CO, XO and BOS) of each civilian ship must be Merchant Marines and must meet educational requirements as set forth by Saganami Island Academy

The individual Captains report up through the RMN Chain via their Fleet Commanders

Royal Manticoran Astro Control Services The Royal Manticoran Astro Control Services will be share responsibility for running space Stations with the Royal Manticoran Navy. This is being offered solely for those who wish to go a civilian route and still wear a Uniform.

The Admiral in charge of the Royal Manticoran Astro Control Services will report into the First Space Lord

Issued by:
Martin Lessem, GCE, KCR, GS
Admiral of the Fleet RMN
First Lord of the Admiralty
First Duke, New Scania

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