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Saganami Island Naval Academy
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Saganami Island Naval College
Enlisted Training Center
Officer Training Center
Saganami Island War College
Saganami Island Advanced Tactical Center
Technical Specialties College
Command Department
Administration Department
Logistics Department
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Astrogation Department
Medical Department

Storekeeper School

Storekeepers are the Navy’s supply clerks. They see that needed supplies are available including everything from clothing and machine parts to forms and food. They have duties as warehousemen, purchasing agents, stock clerks and supervisors, retail sales clerks, store managers, inventory clerks, buyers, parts clerks, bookkeepers, and even forklift operators.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Storekeeper Specialist SIA-SRN-20A SIA-RMN-0001
Storekeeper Advanced Specialist SIA-SRN-20C SIA-RMN-0002
Storekeeper Qualification SIA-SRN-20D SIA-RMN-0101
Storekeeper Warrant Project SIA-SRN-20W Project SIA-RMN-0011

Disbursing Clerk School

Disbursing clerks maintain pay records and process travel claims for the Navy using microcomputer programs. Disbursing clerks are also responsible for computing the financial reports for all ship and shore bases. Disbursing clerks learn banking, cash handling, book- keeping, and auditing skills.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Disbursing Clerk Specialist SIA-SRN-21A SIA-RMN-0001
Disbursing Clerk Advanced Specialist SIA-SRN-21C SIA-RMN-0002
Disbursing Clerk Qualification SIA-SRN-21D SIA-RMN-0101
Disbursing Clerk Warrant Project SIA-SRN-21W Project SIA-RMN-0011

Ship’s Serviceman School

Ship’s Servicemen manage barber shops, tailor shops, ships’ uniform stores, laundries, dry cleaning plants, and cobbler shops. They serve as clerks in exchanges, gas stations, warehouses, and commissary stores. Some ship’s servicemen function as Navy club managers.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Ship’s Serviceman Specialist SIA-SRN-22A SIA-RMN-0001
Ship’s Serviceman Advanced Specialist SIA-SRN-22C SIA-RMN-0002
Ship’s Serviceman Qualification SIA-SRN-22D SIA-RMN-0101
Ship’s Serviceman Warrant Project SIA-SRN-22W SIA-RMN-0011

Steward School

Stewards prepare menus and order the quantities and types of food items required aboard ship. They operate galley and dining facilities, manage large facilities, and keep records for food supplies and financial budgets. Some serve as personal food service specialists and personal assistants for Commanding Officers of the Navy’s ships or for Flag Officers.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Steward Specialist SIA-SRN-03A SIA-RMN-0001
Steward Advanced Specialist SIA-SRN-03C SIA-RMN-0002
Steward Qualification SIA-SRN-03D SIA-RMN-0101
Steward Warrant Project SIA-SRN-03W SIA-RMN-0011