BuSup Directive 2010-02

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BuSup Directive 2010-02 was issued 23rd October 2020 under the authority of the Seventh Space Lord. It awards a Navy Achievement Medal to a volunteer.

Order Text

To: All Officers, Enlisted, and Civilians within the Star Kingdom of Manticore, as well as those Allied with Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen, Elizabeth III.
From: RADM, Dundonald, Seventh Space Lord
Re: Awarding of the Navy Achievement Medal - Fleet Admiral of the Red Split Rock (Supply Directive 2010-02)

By my hand under the authority of the Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore, I hereby award the Navy Achievement Medal to Fleet Admiral of the Red Lady Dame Laura Lochen, Duchess Split Rock.

Fleet Admiral Split Rock volunteered to support the Bureau of Supply by assisting in processing and packing of the most recent order of uniforms, while practicing proper social distancing and mask safety.

In Her Majesty’s Name.

Issued by:
Joseph Harney, GCE, MC, SC, OG, MR, CGM
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Seventh Space Lord, Bureau of Supply
Baron Dundonald