Template:Order rescinded

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This {{{order_type}}} was RESCINDED by [[{{{order_type}}} {{{new_order}}}]]

Purpose & Use

  1. Used on rescinded, superseded or cancelled orders/directives to indicate their status by displaying a banner.
  2. Insert this template at the top of the order/directive, immediately after the {{disclaimer}} template.


| order_type = type of order - required (e.g., Admiralty Order, Protector's Order, Naval Directive, etc.)
| new_order = number of rescinded order - required (do not include 'Admiralty Order', 'Corps Directive', etc.; just the number


Markup As displayed

| order_type = Admiralty Order
| new_order = 1599-99

This Admiralty Order was RESCINDED by Admiralty Order 1599-99

| order_type = Corps Directive
| new_order = 01-1503

This Corps Directive was RESCINDED by Corps Directive 01-1503