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Letter from Simmons regarding the saga of the Stormbringer

In the beginning, there was Martin and I was his right hand man. There were no ships back then and Martin would travel from place to place and meet with interested groups and getting interested people to sign up. My wife, Frances and I helped Martin man a recruiting table at Dragon*Con in 2010 and from there things really started moving.

We commissioned the Stormbringer in 2010 and adopted English Naval traditions from an age gone by which added to the flavor of the Honorverse as we celebrated it. Founding members of the Stormbringer went on to form the HMS Enterprise. I was granted peerage by the Lord Admiral and had many big plans in store for TRMN.

Things were going great. We were planning convention recruitment drives and getting things running and in Feburary 2011, I had a major heart attack and underwent quadruple bypass surgery. Being incapacitated, I named Scott Akers to replace me as First Space Lord.

Sadly, no one stepped up to replace me and the HMS Stormbringer was decommissioned in July 2011.

It's been 6 years since I retired and in my absence the TRMN has exploded into a fantastic organization. Perhaps one day I'll return when things get a little better for me. Until then... Keep the Faith!


Fleet Admiral (ret) Johnathan Simmons Founding First Space Lord, TRMN Viscount of New Cornwall