TRMN Official Secrets Act and Cheating

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All courses in their entirety including individual questions and answers are governed by the Official Secrets Act (Admiralty Order 1511-07). Misuse or unapproved dissemination of any courses, questions from courses, and course answers by students and/or BuTrain staff or copying of other members’ courses by student’s will result in an investigation by the instructor, the instructor’s chain of command, and the Sixth Space Lord and Deputy Sixth Space Lord. Depending on the results of that investigation, the student’s commanding officer and/or Fleet Commander may be brought in to further the investigation and recommend disciplinary action. If the cheating is found to be significant, involving numerous parties or those in leadership positions, the findings from the internal investigation will be provided to the Judge Advocate General (with a copy to the individual’s Fleet Commander) for investigation and appropriate action.

Any course found to have been cheated on will have a FAIL entered in MEDUSA. This course will not count toward promotion points, awards, or any Honor Society. Students may petition the Sixth Space Lord after a year to be allowed to retake a failed course.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the suspected cheating, disciplinary action may range from allowing the student to take an alternate rank course, up to and including loss of leadership positions or expulsion from TRMN.

Questions and Answers for Clarification

Q: Can I discuss a question with another student if we both write up our own answers?
A: No, at this time you may not discuss questions as they appear on any courses with anyone but the course instructor or a BuTrain member in the instructor’s chain of command. However, there is a process in this manual that allows discussion of certain questions. See Study Groups and Collaboration.

Q: My Commanding Officer is an instructor at BuTrain or part of BuTrain staff. Can they provide me a copy of a course?
A: No, only the course instructor may provide you a copy of a course after verification that you meet the prerequisites except in an approved remote academy situation. See also the section in the manual on the Remote Testing Institute (RTI).

Q: These courses are supposed to be fun. Why can’t we work together to come up with answers?
A: Students completing courses at BuTrain are expected to do their own work at all times. In short, academic honesty is expected of all members as they complete coursework. However, it is also recognized that the sharing of ideas and discussion between members can benefit all involved as well as, possibly, decreasing ‘test anxiety’ on more open-ended questions found in many BuTrain courses. Please see the Study Groups and Collaboration section for more information.