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{| align="center" class="wikitable" cellpadding="20"
{| class="wikitable" cellpadding="20"
! colspan="6" style="font-weight:bold;" | Space Lords of TRMN
! colspan="6" style="font-weight:bold;" | Space Lords of TRMN

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The administration of TRMN is controlled by the space lords, who report to the FSL. These seven lords work behind the scenes to ensure that TRMN runs smoothly.

The descriptions below are a brief summary of bureau’s responsibilities. A complete & detailed description of each bureau’s duties & responsibilities can be found in each specific bureau’s manual.

Space Lords of TRMN
BuPlanCrest.png BuShipsCrest.png BuCommCrest.png BuPersCrest.png BuTrainCrest.png BuSupCrest.png