Seventh Fleet

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The Seventh Fleet comprises of the ships located in Continental Europe, Israel, and South Africa as well as the Imperial Andermani Navy and is one of the numbered fleets within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. Commanded by VZADM Robert Hampson, it allows for ships created within Europe to have a distinct identity. Although it was created on 02 May 2011, the fleet consisted of one ship for two years and had no commander until 2014. It became the Andermani Fleet in 2019.


Seventh Fleet Commanding Officers

# Name Flagship Assumed Relieved
1 RADM Jan Cabrnoch HMS Iwo Jima 27 January 2014 13 March 2019
2 VZADM Robert Hampson SMS Scharnhorst 13 March 2019 "Incumbent"

Fleet Headquarters Unit

  • Commanding Officer: Vizeadmiral Robert Hampson , IAN
  • Deputy Commanding Officer: Konteradmiral Martin Holst , IAN
  • Chief of Staff: Kapitain der Sterne Matthias Swieton , IAN
  • Fleet Bosun: Oberstabsbootsman der Flotte Tim Damm , IAN

Order of Battle

The following units are on detached duty within Seventh Fleet:

Former Echelons and Member Vessels

The following ships were formerly part of Fourth Fleet:

Fleet Orders

Related Orders


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