Royal Manticoran Army

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The Royal Manticoran Army (abbrev. RMA) is a branch of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN).


Flag of the RMA

Army Command Triad

The RMA High Command is headed by the Marshal of the Army (abbrev. MotA), who is an ex-officio Royal Council member. The MotA issues Army Directives, and is assisted by the Deputy Marshal of the Army (DMotA), as well as the Sergeant-Major of the Army.[1] These three are the overall "Command Triad" for the RMA.

  • Marshal of the Army: RMA F-6-02.pngMarshal Sir Matthew Miller email
  • Deputy Marshal: RMA F-5-02.pngField Marshal Sir John Brice email
  • Sergeant-Major of the Army: Command Sergeant-Major Brian Lee email

Office of the Adjutant General

Also part of army headquarters is the Office of the Adjutant General.

  • Adjutant General: RMA F-4-02.pngGEN TJ Allen email
  • Deputy Adjutant General: RMA F-1-02.png BGEN Joshua Dadd, ME, QBM

The Adjutant General issues operational orders for RMA chapters and oversees the Commanding Officers of the following corps:

  • Intelligence Corps: RMA F-1-02.pngBGEN Aaron Clark
  • Signal Corps SGT Scott Jeanes
  • Logistics Corps: SGT Connor Modena

King William's Tower

The headquarters for the RMA is King William's Tower, and that place name serves as a synecdoche for RMA's top leadership.

RMA Orders

Army Directives

Main Article: List of Army Directives

Army Directives expand upon or amplify Admiralty Orders. They are applicable to the Royal Manticoran Army's policies.

Adjutant General Orders

Main Article: List of Adjutant General Orders

Adjutant General Orders are operational orders for RMA chapters, commissioning and decommissioning units as well as appointing command triad members to units.

Regional Organization

The RMA's operational units are assigned to a numbered army based on their locations. The areas of operation for these numbered armies are coterminous with the areas of the Naval Districts of the RMN.[2] The armies and their headquarters forts are:

Field Army Headquarters Component Units Area of Operations
1st Army Fort Manticore US states: MD, DE, PA, MA, CT, RI, NY, NJ, NH, VT, ME, DC & Northern VA
2nd Army Fort Gryphon Westmarch Rifles[3] US states: MN, WI, IL, IN, OH, KY, & MI
3rd Army Fort San Martino Camera Stellata Dragoons US States: Southern VA, WV, NC, SC, MS, AL, TN, GA, FL & the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America
6th Army Fort Sphinx[4] Crimson Sands AU
Ratatoskr AU
New Victoria AU
Chinati Ridge AU
US States: OK, TX, AR, LA, NE, KS, MO, IA, ND, & SD
8th Army Fort Basilisk US States: AZ, NM, UT, CO, WY, & MT
10th Army - Fort Talbott Fort Talbott US States: CA, OR, WA, NV, ID, & HI
Anzu’s Army Fort Tudev Tudev Diggers Australia and New Zealand

AU= Aerospace Unit


RMA Aerospace patch

Atmospheric and close-orbital forces are part of the RMA. The right shoulder patch for Aerospace personnel has a two-colored background, representing a planet and nearby space.

1st Regiment of Foote

1st Regiment of Foote shoulder patch

RMA branch members of TRMN who are not members of a chapter are assigned to the 1st Regiment of Foote, which is the RMA's Holding Chapter.[5]


The King Roger I Military Academy administers RMA training.


Medals and Decorations

Main Article: Royal Manticoran Army Awards Some awards, such as the Parliamentary Medal of Valor, are issued to qualifying personnel of Manticoran military branches.

In other cases the RMA has awards that are distinct from, but parallel to those of the Royal Manticoran Navy and Marine Corps. Several, such as the Meritorious Service Medal, have the same name but a different colored ribbon for the RMA.

Additionally, in TRMN the Marshal of the Army is the awarding authority for the Royal Household Distinguished Service Medal, which is awarded to civilians and military personnel of all branches.

Weapons Qualification Badges

RMA Weapons Qualification badges

The RMA awards the all-metal Weapons Qualification Badge for qualifications in various weapons, as distinguished from the ribbon suspended medals awarded for marksmanship in the RMN and RMMC. The ranks, in ascending order, are Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert, and High Expert, and qualifying weapons include rifle, pistol, plasma rifle, and tri-barrel.[6]

Combat Infantry Badge

Combat Infantry Badge

The Combat Infantry Badge (CIB) is awarded to TRMN personnel though qualifying activity in marksmanship, charity, academics, and event participation. [7]

Monarch's Own Regiment

The Monarch's Own is the elite royal guard regiment of the RMA. In TRMN, membership in the Monarch's Own serves as an honor society for RMA members,[8] similar to HMS Unconquered crew in the RMN and RMMC.

Chiron House

Chiron House is the honor society of the King Roger I Military Academy.

Queen's Club

Membership in the Queen's Club is offered to Officers of the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Grand Alliance who have completed qualifying courses in the King Roger I Military Academy.

Unit Awards

Unit award streamer examples

RMA units may be awarded the following, which take the same form as in the RMN:

Additionally, RMA units may be awarded the Army Regimental Excellence Award, which is an "E" award similar to the RMN's Fleet Excellence Award, but with a green ribbon instead of the Navy's black.

RMA units may fly a streamer from the staff of their unit flag for each unit award received.[9]

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