Protector’s Order 1805/004

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Protector’s Order 1805/004 was issued 26 May 2018 by the High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy. It issued GSN & 4th Fleet Command Awards.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Grayson Space Navy, the Royal Manticoran Forces, Imperial Andermani Navy, Republic of Haven Navy and All Other Members of the Grand Alliance
From: High Admiral David Melsome, GSN, Steadholder Maelstromm
Re: GSN & 4th Fleet Command Awards (Protector’s Order 1805/004)

The following awards are given to members of the various 4th Fleet and GSN Commands and positions for their dedicated and lengthy service in these very important roles, making it possible for others to enjoy their time in the organization due to their willingness to work and make things better for everyone.

These awards are effective as of Saturday, 2018 May 26.

It is with deep gratitude we congratulate everyone listed below. Your service to the organization and the GSN has been exceptional and without equal. Without you, many of the things that we do, and on which we rely, would not be possible.

For Grayson, the Keys, the Sword and the Tester!

Issued by:
High Admiral David Melsome
High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy
Steadholder Maelstromm
“The Test shows the direction, But we choose the Path taken.”

pp:CPT Angela Sanders, GSN, ACoO/SCO

Meritorious Service Star

Elisabeth Bickerton

Elizabeth Cant

Harriet Clough

Martyn Griffiths

Sam Hall

Ben Lyon

Angela Sanders

Steve Sardesson

Derek Souter

David Thompson

Ian Tregale

Misha Sumra

William Underhill

Benjamin Wagner

Rowan Wagstaff Weston

Larry Widing

Meritorious Service Cross

Desiree Arceneaux

Jeremy Carsten

William Cuthberson

Emilio Desalvo

Ryan Gerrard

David Sanders

Neil Simpson

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