Judge Advocate General

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A Judge Advocate General (abbrev. JAG) is a principal judicial officer for a military branch or the armed forces at large.[1]

In The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN) the JAG serves on the staff of the First Lord of the Admiralty.

Judge Advocate General–Usually a captain of the list or higher. Responsible for legal affairs within TRMN, training and managing ombudsmen, recommendations for flag officer promotion boards, and is legal advisor for TRMN, Inc. As such, the JAG must be a qualified attorney. This office also oversees the JAG-ombudsman program which is set up to assist chapters with understanding regulations and admiralty orders within the organization.[2]

The JAG is also directed to develop legalman education at Saganami Island Naval Academy.[3]

List of TRMN JAGs

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 Ivo Heger, Baron Nový Prerov 22 March 2013[4] 9 November 2015
2 RADM Matthew Parker, KSK, Earl of Camera Stellata 9 November 2015 [5] Incumbent


Admiralty Order 1107-03

Admiralty Order 1108-04