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(Embarked Flag Officer(s))
(Embarked Flag Officer(s))
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==Embarked Flag Officer(s)==
==Embarked Flag Officer(s)==
* [[ADM]] Lady Chrissy Killian, First Countess, Fontana Flats
* [[ADM]] Lady Chrissy Killian, First Countess, Fontana Flats
* [[RADM]] Lord [[Sir]] James Jones, [[KSK]], [[GCE]], [[CR]], [[SC]], [[OG]], [[CGM]], [[GS]], [[QBM]], [[CBM]], First Baron, Whidbey Basin, [[Commanding Officer]], [[Tenth Fleet]].
* [[RADM]] Lord [[Sir]] James Jones, [[KSK]], [[GCE]], [[CR]], [[SC]], [[OG]], [[CGM]], [[GS]], [[QBM]], [[CBM]], First [[Baron]], Whidbey Basin, [[Commanding Officer]], [[Tenth Fleet]].
* [[Lieutenant General|LTGEN]] [[Sir]] Michael Houghtaling, [[KDE]], [[OG]], [[NS]], [[CBM]], [[Deputy Commander]], [[Marine Forces Command]].
* [[Lieutenant General|LTGEN]] Lord [[Sir]] Michael Houghtaling, [[KDE]], [[MC]], [[OG]], [[NS]], [[CBM]], First [[Baron]], Sutherland, [[Deputy Commander]], [[Marine Forces Command]].
* [[Major General|MAJGEN]] [[Sir]] A.J. Olsen, [[KDE]], [[OG]], [[QBM]], [[CBM]], [[Fourth Space Lord]], [[Bureau of Communications]].
* [[Major General|MAJGEN]] Lord [[Sir]] A.J. Olsen, [[KDE]], [[SC]], [[OG]], [[QBM]], [[CBM]], First [[Baron]], Grays Harbor, [[Fourth Space Lord]], [[Bureau of Communications]].
==Marine Detachment==
==Marine Detachment==

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HMS Guadalcanal (LPH-02) is a Guadalcanal-class Marine Heavy Transport. Commanded by CAPTSG Dame Sonja Thiede, KE, SC, OG, CGM, GS, QBM, RMN, Guadalcanal claims Fresno, California as her charter city. Guadalcanal serves as the Flagship of Tenth Fleet, Task Group 91.1, and the Marine Tenth Expeditionary Force.


Guadalcanal was commissioned on 13 November 2018 by order of BuShips[1], under the command of CAPTSG Sonja Thiede.

Commanding Officers

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 CAPTSG Dame Sonja Thiede 13 Nov 2018[1] Incumbent

Crew Lineage

  • 24 MAY 2014: Crew commissioned HMS Wolf.[2]
  • 26 MAY 2015: A portion of crew commissioned HMS Cerberus in Modesto, CA.[3]
  • 01 AUG 2016: Cerberus and Wolf crews consolidate and commission HMS Thunderer.[4] Cerberus and Wolf are subsequently transferred to the reserve fleet.
  • 13 NOV 2018: The crew of HMS Thunderer (SD-323) Transfer to HMS Guadalcanal. Thunderer is subsequently transferred to the reserve fleet.

Command Staff

Embarked Flag Officer(s)

Marine Detachment

Auxiliary Craft

No auxiliary craft have been launched since the commissioning of this vessel.

Ship's Honors


Ship's Orders


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