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An event is a planned public or social occasion.


In The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN), the most common type of event featuring member participation is a science fiction convention, or "con." When TRMN members participate at a con, they have the opportunity to meet fellow members and to represent TRMN to the science fiction fandom community, recruiting new members into the organization. As the wearing of costumes is popular at conventions, TRMN members will often wear uniforms.

TRMN activities at cons include:

  • Fan Tables
  • Parties
  • missile pods
  • Stitchbay
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Game Hosting, especially Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator[1]

Admiralty House Event

As defined in Admiralty Order 1803-02:
Admiralty House events are designated by the members of the Royal Council, each Space Lord, and the Senior Military Attaches for the RHN and IAN (each person being able to designate one Admiralty House event per year). The FLA may designate up to three (3) original Admiralty House events per year. Additional Admiralty House events MAY be possible by submitting a request to the FLA for additional events with detailed information as to how and why an event should be an Admiralty House function.

Additionally, each House of Parliament is able to designate one Admiralty House event per fleet each year. Fleet Commanders are able to designate Admiralty House events ONLY for those conventions or events where the Prime Minister (David Weber), or New Mimas (Timothy Zahn), or Leutzen Vale (Eric Flint), or Allegheny-Mellon (Tom Pope) are in attendance.

Members who participate in Admiralty House events are eligible to receive the Havenite War Campaign Medal, or their branch's equivalent.

Fleet Event

As defined in Admiralty Order 1803-02:
Fleet Level Events are designated by the Fleet Commanding Officer and all members who participate in such designated events are eligible to receive the Havenite Operational Service Medal, or their branch's equivalent. Please note the award requires participation, not simply attendance at the event. Fleet Commanders are encouraged to designate multiple Fleet level events throughout the year so that every member is given a chance to earn this medal if they desire to do so. It is suggested the fleet level events be designated in areas so that no member needs to travel more than a few hours to participate, possibly even designating one Fleet level event per year in each chapter’s area of operations.

List of Conventions that have featured TRMN operations

Other types of events

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