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BuTrain Order 045-19 was issued on 26 July 2019 by the RADM Lady Dame Christa Brolley, GCE, MC, KR, SC. This order appoints a member to the BuTrain staff.

Order Text

To: All Members of the Grand Alliance
From: RADM Lady Dame Christa Brolley, GCE, MC, KR, SC
Re: Establishment of the RMACA Honor Society (BuTrain Order 045-19)

In the spirit of the Mark West Honor Society and the Ellen D’Orville Honor Society, the Bureau of Training in concert with the Royal Manticoran Astrocontrol Service is instituting an honor society to recognize those members who have taken the time to complete the full set of rank courses for the RMACA.

This society would encourage both RMACA members, and members of other services who are motivated for a challenge, to complete the RMACA rank coursework.

The Admiral Stephania Grimm Society is named after the admiral commanding Manticore terminus during Case Zulu during the Battle of Manticore in 1921 PD, where she upheld the highest standards of our service when handling the biggest terminus evolution in history.

Honorees will be recognised in the following manner:

  • Member: Grades for all courses of at least 70%.
  • Cum Laude Member: Average grade of 90%.
  • Magna Cum Laude Member: All grades 90% or better.
  • Summa Cum Laude Member: All grades of 100%.

There are 14 courses total:

  • 6 enlisted: SIA-RMACS-0001, -0006
  • 4 officer: RMACA-RMACS-0101, -0106
  • 4 flag: RMACA-RMACS-1001, -1004

The issuing authority will be the Commandant of the RMACA. Recognition noticies will be issued monthly for those months were there are successful candidates.

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Issued by:
Lady Dame Christa Brolley, GCE, MC, KR, SC
Rear Admiral of the Green, RMN
Baroness, New Dover


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