BuTrain Order 046-17

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BuTrain Order 046-17 was issued on 25 June 2017 by the Commodore Christa Brolley, GCE, SC, OR, GS. This order awards the Navy/Marine Commendation to Lieutenant Commander Carolyn Crutchfield

Order Text

To: All Members of the Grand Alliance
From: Commodore Christa Brolley, GCE, SC, OR, GS
Re: Award of Navy/Marine Commendation Decoration (BuTrain Order 046-17)

Lieutenant Commander @Carolyn Crutchfield (RMN-4063-16), Medical Department Chair in the Naval Technical Specialties College, has provided outstanding support since assuming the position 2 months ago. LCDR Crutchfield not only takes care of the entire department while looking for new instructors, but also developed and submitted a proposal to expand the department, and has gone above and beyond in ensuring the department is properly staffed and the staff properly trained. Lieutenant Commander Carolyn Crutchfield’s professionalism and dedication to TSC and the Bureau of Training reflect great credit upon herself, Naval TSC, the Bureau of Training, and uphold the finest traditions of The Royal Manticoran Navy. Lieutenant Commander Carolyn Crutchfield is hereby awarded the Navy/Marine Commendation Decoration.


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Issued by:
Christa Brolley, GCE, SC, OR, GS
Commodore, RMN
Commandant, Technical Specialties College
Baroness, New Dover


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