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Royal Manticoran Astro Control Academy
RMACA Enlisted Training Center
RMACA Officer Training Center
RMACA Flag Officer Training Center
RMACA Specialty Training

The Enlisted Training School includes introductory level courses designed with extensive background knowledge of the canon texts and real-world history.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Trainee SIA-RMACS-0001 Membership
Petty Officer 3rd Class SIA-RMACS-0002 SIA-RMACS-0001
Petty Officer 2nd Class SIA-RMACS-0003 SIA-RMACS-0002
Petty Officer 1st Class SIA-RMACS-0004 SIA-RMACS-0003
Chief Petty Officer SIA-RMACS-0005 SIA-RMACS-0004
Senior Chief Petty Officer SIA-RMACS-0006 SIA-RMACS-0005