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The Engineer Branch is a Combat Arms Branch that also has combat support and combat service support roles encompassing military and civil engineering and the related planning, organization, training, operation, and development. The Engineering Branch is also responsible for ensuring that weapons systems, vehicles, and equipment are ready and available and always in working order. The Engineering Branch also manages the developing, testing, fielding, handling, storage and disposal of munitions.

Combat Engineer

Combat Engineers are experts in all areas of construction and provide expertise in areas such as mobility, counter-mobility, survivability and general engineering. Combat Engineers are taught to do all of this while under fire.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Engineer KR1MA-RMAT-13A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Engineer KR1MA-RMAT-13B KR1MA-RMAT-13A


Armorers ensure all vehicles, weapons and equipment are fit for service. They run commissioning and service checks on vehicles, battle armor and weapons. They ensure all weapons, from M9 pistols to the Army’s M-11 Main Grav Tank, are working correctly. They are responsible for the safe storage of all weapons and battle armor when not in use, as well as the safe storage and issue of ammunition.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Armorer KR1MA-RMAT-01A KR1MA-RMA-0002
Advanced Armorer KR1MA-RMAT-01B KR1MA-RMAT-01A