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Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy
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IMNA Hugh Yanakov Centre for the Study of Military Law

Legal Skills School

Here, you will learn the basics of being in the law profession, including maintaining records and correctly handling client confidentiality.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Introduction to Legal IMNA-HYMLC-0101 IMNA-GSN-0001
Client Ethics IMNA-HYMLC-0102 IMNA-GSN-0002
Law Office Administration IMNA-HYMLC-0103 IMNA-HYMLC-0102

Legal Specialties School

As you continue your legal studies, you learn about the basis of all law before branching out into one or more specialties, whether dealing with common legal issues or laws that are specific to the workings of the Navy and its relationships with other star nations.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Tester’s Law (Ethics) IMNA-HYMLC-0201 IMNA-GSN-0004
Admiralty Law IMNA-HYMLC-0202 IMNA-HYMLC-0201
Criminal Law IMNA-HYMLC-0203 IMNA-HYMLC-0202
Intergalactic Law IMNA-HYMLC-0204 IMNA-HYMLC-0203
Religious Law IMNA-HYMLC-0205 IMNA-HYMLC-0204

Paralegal/Court Reporter School

Paralegals have substantial duties within the offices of a licensed attorney, often helping research issues related to a case and helping to mold the legal argument the attorney will make during legal proceedings.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Paralegal/Court Reporter IMNA-HYMLC-0301 IMNA-HYMLC-0205
Senior Paralegal/Court Reporter IMNA-HYMLC-0302 IMNA-HYMLC-0301
Master Paralegal/Court Reporter IMNA-HYMLC-0303 IMNA-HYMLC-0302
Paralegal/Court Reporter Warrant IMNA-HYMLC-0304 IMNA-GSN-0011
Paralegal/Court Reporter Officer IMNA-HYMLC-0305 IMNA-GSN-0101