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BuShips Directive 1808-01 was issued 01 August 2018 under the authority of the Third Space Lord. This directive decommissioned HMS Intrepid (SD-463).

Order Text

To: Captain (JG) Stephen Nemer, OG, GS, RMN
From: RADM McCovey Cove, RMN, Third Space Lord
Re: Decommissioning of HMS Intrepid (SD-43) (BuShips Directive 1808-01)

Captain (JG) Nemer:

Effective 0001 on 01 August 2018, HMS Intrepid (SD-463) is to immediately stand down all present assignments and/or missions, and subsequently ordered to return to HMSS Greenwich for her decommissioning and crew transfers.

Upon arrival, you and your crew shall make HMS Intrepid ready in all respects for decommissioning; strike eight bells, haul down the colors, and secure the watch. You are further ordered to relinquish command of SD-463 to the Bureau of Ships in the person of CDR Stephen Schonewolf, RMN, who shall hold temporary command for the duration of her transfer to Manticore for processing and inspection.

The following crew-members are hereby transferred to HMSS Greenwich (SS-001):

  • CAPTSG Brian Horton, RMN (RMN-1021-12)
  • CAPTJG Zachary McCauley, RMN (RMN-1937-14)
  • CAPTJG Stephen Nemer, RMN (RMN-3415-15)
  • LTJG Cris Littlewolf, RMN (RMN-0282-11)
  • ENS Lindsay Roloff, RMN (RMN-0983-12)
  • SCWO Ryan Gale, RMN (RMN-0278-11)
  • MCPO Garry Lodmill, RMN (RMN-0705-12)
  • CPO JoAnne Hartfiel, RMN (RMN-1061-12)
  • CPO Ariel Kirst, RMN (RMN-0981-12)
  • PO1 Triston Callantine, RMN (RMN-2269-14)
  • PO1 Mark Cockerham, RMN (RMN-0581-12)
  • PO1 Jane Dusek, RMN (RMN-1542-13)
  • PO1 Paulette Kilgore, RMN (RMN-0860-12)
  • PO2 Nancy Bebernes, RMN (RMN-3208-15)
  • PO2 Megan Petersen, RMN (RMN-0368-11)
  • PO2 Eowyn Ward, RMN (RMN-0879-12)
  • PO3 Danielle Cockerham, RMN (RMN-0582-12)
  • PO3 Craig Whitney, RMN (RMN-1902-14)
  • S1C Kristin Bartholomaus, RMN (RMN-2316-14)
  • S1C Curt Blackwell, RMN (RMN-0513-12)
  • S1C Erik Bolden, RMN (RMN-0909-12)
  • S1C Shayne Curtis, RMN (RMN-3565-15)
  • S1C Jessica Doyle, RMN (RMN-0454-11)
  • S1C Alexandra Ezaki, RMN (RMN-0889-12)
  • S1C Katie Frazier, RMN (RMN-0495-11)
  • S1C Molly Grise, RMN (RMN-1407-13)
  • S1C Rachel Hanson, RMN (RMN-0519-12)
  • S1C Jeff Hargarten, RMN (RMN-3386-15)
  • S1C Chris Heckman, RMN (RMN-2318-14)
  • S1C Chad Kelly, RMN (RMN-3207-15)
  • S1C Crystal Kilgore, RMN (RMN-1225-12)
  • S1C Heather Kirst, RMN (RMN-1242-12)
  • S1C Erik LaFave, RMN (RMN-1089-12)
  • S1C Ernesto Maldonado, RMN (RMN-0895-12)
  • S1C Jensina Mart, RMN (RMN-2281-14)
  • S1C DeAndre McClam, RMN (RMN-1248-12)
  • S1C Shelli Meyer, RMN (RMN-1310-13)
  • S1C Dave Morem, RMN (RMN-2327-14)
  • S1C David Nelson, RMN (RMN-1199-12)
  • S1C Michelle Reisdorff, RMN (RMN-0539-12)
  • S1C Aaron Roberts, RMN (RMN-2280-14)
  • S1C Alisha Srock, RMN (RMN-2019-14)
  • S1C Jennifer Steadman, RMN (RMN-0905-12)
  • S1C Endarei Steiner, RMN (RMN-0885-12)
  • S1C Becky Thelen, RMN (RMN-0890-12)
  • S1C Joseph Wartick, RMN (RMN-3202-15)
  • S1C Kelsey Weitzel, RMN (RMN-2115-14)
  • S1C Matthew Weitzel, RMN (RMN-2136-14)
  • S1C Austin Williams, RMN (RMN-4344-17)
  • S1C Jamie Wright, RMN (RMN-2279-14)
  • C3 Alison Sommer, CIVIL (RMN-4282-17)
  • C2 Rochelle Bender, CIVIL (RMN-4778-17)
  • C1 Elaura Hensel, CIVIL (RMN-5265-18)
  • C2 Miranda Cockerham, SFC (RMN-4421-17)
  • C2 Kaylee Sommer, SFC (RMN-4284-17)
  • C1 Radha Kelly, SFC (RMN-4279-16)
  • C1 Lazaro Nemer, SFC (RMN-4278-16)
  • C1 Danielle Sommer, SFC (RMN-4283-17)

The following crewmembers are hereby transferred to GNSS Katherine Mayhew (SS-002):

  • CDRE Justin Grays, GSN (RMN-0366-11)
  • PO2 Paul Elwood, GSN (RMN-1265-13)
  • S2C Paul Elwood, GSN (RMN-4437-17)
  • S1C Roxanne Hill, GSN (RMN-1461-13)
  • S1C Megan Totusek, GSN (RMN-1379-13)

At their request the following members are transferred to HMS Samurai (CL-356):

  • ENS Michael Crow, RMN (RMN-1735-13)
  • S1C Karl Callantine, RMN (RMN-3392-15)

At their request, the following members are transferred to HMS Valkyrie (SD-355):

  • ENS Lindsay Roloff, RMN (RMN-0983-12)

Upon her successful transfer to Manticore, HMS Intrepid (SD-463) is scheduled to be transferred to the Active Fleet Reserves, following inspection and any repairs deemed necessary. This vessel shall be made available for recommissioning at a later date.

In Service to Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Elizabeth III,

" "
Issued by:
Michael D. Garcia, GCE, OC, KR, SC, CGM, GS
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Third Space Lord, Bureau of Ships
The Right Honorable, The Baron McCovey Cove



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