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This article discusses the position of Bosun aboard a Royal Manticoran Naval vessel. For more information on the rating, see Boatswain.

The Bosun aboard a vessel is the senior non-commissioned officer and acts as the third point of the Command Triad, after the ship's Commanding Officer and Executive Officer.


Job Description

Position Description: The Boatswain (Bosun) of a ship in Her Majesty's Royal Manticoran Navy is an important position. It is one of the three leadership positions aboard the ship. The Bosun is the person who ensures that the policies and directives of the command team are fulfilled by the crew – particularly the enlisted crew. As such, the Bosun's responsibility is to encourage, train, direct, and supervise personnel, handle disciplinary actions and conflict resolution issues.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

  • Be a Cheerleader for the enlisted
  • Encourage Participation
  • Assist in conflict resolution
  • Train/Educate enlisted in various duties including taking exams at the Academy
  • Other Duties

Specific Duties:

  • First and foremost a Bosun needs to do everything possible to enhance the fan experience of the crew on the ship. This includes all enlisted and even junior officers. Make sure they find what they are looking for if possible in the fan environment.
  • Assign and oversee duties of the enlisted crew of the ship. Hands on if needed, but ideally the bosun would give direction and then make sure it is done right & well.
  • Act as ombudsman to the crew to resolve conflicts.
  • Discuss with each crewmember their desired level of involvement (military, civilian, etc.) and assist them in participating to their level of comfort.
  • Encouraging the crew to participate and have fun
  • Create and foster an attitude of military bearing and respect among the crew to the best of each person’s comfort level.
  • Foster an appreciation for uniform dress (whether it is a t-shirt or the full uniform). Help each member work to achieve at least a basic level of TRMN attire. Note what items per crewmember are needed to accomplish he next level of uniform dress.
  • Be well versed in Drill and Ceremonies and the use of the Bosun's Pipe. Teach and maintain the crew’s ability to perform basic military drill and ceremonies functions as detailed by the commanding officer’s directives.
  • Oversee enlisted exam-taking and rating development.
  • File a quarterly report on behalf of the ship and submit it to their Fleet's Bosun.
    • Reporting Periods:
      • Q1: 1 January - 31 March
      • Q2: 1 April - 30 June
      • Q3: 1 July - 30 September
      • Q4: 1 October - 31 December
  • Locate and mentor enlisted crew to achieve higher rank and to take on more responsibility. Groom a crewperson to take over Bosun duties if the Bosun is unavailable.

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