Army Directive 06-1301

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Army Directive 06-1301 was issued 03 June 2013 under the authority of the Marshal of the Army. It appoints the liaison officer between BuTrain and the ODCSTRA.

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Army
From: Robert J. Jackson, KE; Marshal of the Army RMA
Re: Appointment of Staff Positions (Army Directive 06-1301)

As of the date of this Order, I hereby appoint the following Soldier(s) of the Kingdom:

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Jarrette Gordon, ODCSTRA to be Liaison to TRMN BuTRAIN. As RMA Liaison, you will be responsible to BuTRAIN and this Office for the performance of the King Roger I Military Academy. I expect you to shine!

In Honor of the Queen!

YMH&OS I remain,

Issued by:
Lord Sir Rbt. J Jackson, KE
Marshal of the Army, RMA
Baron, Karstadt Sea
King William’s Tower, Landing

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