Admiralty Order 1306-02

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Admiralty Order 1306-02 was issued June 21, 2013 by the First Lord of the Admiralty. It establishes the correct wear of service stripes for members of the RMN, RMMC and RMA.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Marine Corps and Army
From: Martin Lessem, GCE, KCR, GS, First Lord of the Admiralty, Admiral of the Fleet, Duke, New Scania
Re: Enlisted Service Stripes (Admiralty Order 1306-02)

As of the date of this Order, by my hand, and by the authority of and acting as proxy for the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore Elizabeth III, we lay out the Enlisted Service Stripe Policy of The Royal Manticoran Navy.

Service Stripes for E-1 through E-6 in the:
RMN will be Red in color with black background
RMMC will be Green in color with a black background
RMA will be Blue in color with a black background

Service Stripes for E-7 through E-10 will be Gold in color with black background. After promotion to E-7 all Red Stripes would be changed to Gold. The dimensions will be 45mm in width (diagonal stripe) and 45mm in height (diagonal stripe).

Service Stripes will be awarded in the following manner:

For every year up to and including the year TRMN became Official (2011), each Enlisted member shall be entitled to wear one stripe for each year of membership.

For every two years after the year TRMN became Official (2012 onward), each Enlisted member shall be entitled to wear one stripe for each two years of membership.

Example: You joined TRMN as an E-1 in 2009, you would have one red stripe each for 2009, 2010 and 2011. In 2012 you were promoted to E-7 as a Bosun and swapped your red stripes for gold ones. You would have one gold stripe for 2012/2013 for a total of four gold stripes.

In Honour of the Queen!

" "
Issued by:
Martin Lessem, GCE, KCR, GS
Admiral of the Fleet RMN
First Lord of the Admiralty
First Duke, New Scania

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