Adjutant General

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The Adjutant General (abbrev. AG) is a billet within the High Command of the Royal Manticoran Army (RMA).

Army Directive 2201-01 established the AG as part of the RMA High Command.

Army Directive 2201-03 established the Office of the Adjutant General and stated that the following are part of the Office:

  • Commanding Officer of Intelligence Corps
  • Commanding Officer of Signal Corps
  • Commanding Officer of Logistics Corps

List of RMA Adjutants General

No. Name Assumed Relieved
5 GEN TJ Allen, MC, KR, OE, CGM, QBM, CBM 02 January 2022 [1] Incumbent

Adjutant General Orders

The AG issues operations orders under the authority of the Marshal of the Army commissioning and decommissioning RMA units, and appointing command triad members to the units, as the Third Space Lord does in the Royal Manticoran Navy. Royal Manticoran Army policy orders are issued as Army Directives.

List of Adjutant General Orders

Order Effective Date Subject Status
Adjutant General Order 2209-01 02 Sept 2022 Brevet Promotion 1LT John Cauffman
Adjutant General Order 2208-01 26 Aug 2022 Commissioning of Westmarch Rifles
Adjutant General Order 2207-02 6 Jul 2022 Command Triad Change for Ratatoskr Aerospace Unit
Adjutant General Order 2207-01 6 Jul 2022 Command Triad Change for Chinati Ridge Aerospace Unit
Adjutant General Order 2206-02 13 Jun 2022 Command Triad Change for 1st Regiment of Foote
Adjutant General Order 2206-01 12 Jun 2022 Decommissioning of Serpent Head Point Hussars and Thimble Aerospace Unit
Adjutant General Order 2202-01 03 Feb 2022 Assignment of NCOIC, 1st Regiment of Foote