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Types and Classes
Royal Manticoran Navy
LAC carriers (CLAC) Hydra
Superdreadnoughts (SD) Invictus - Medusa - Gryphon - Sphinx
Battlecruisers (BC) Agamemnon - Homer - Nike - Reliant
Heavy cruisers (CA) Drake - Saganami-C - Star Knight
Light cruisers (CL) Apollo - Avalon - Courageous - Kamerling - Valiant
Destroyers (DD) Chanson - Charger - Culverin - Falcon - Havoc - Roland - Wolfhound
Light attack craft (LAC) Ferret
Grayson Space Navy
LAC carriers (CLAC) Covington
Superdreadnoughts (SD) Harrington
Battlecruisers (BC) Courvoisier II - Courvoisier
Light cruisers (CL) Disciple
Destroyers (DD) Apostle - Jacob - Joshua
Imperial Andermani Navy
Superdreadnoughts (SD) Seydlitz
Battlecruisers (BC) Blücher
Republic of Haven Navy
Superdreadnoughts (SD) Haven

Purpose & Use

  1. Creates a navigation box to allow easy access to all articles about different types and classes of vessels.
  2. Insert {{Type and class}}as the last element in each article about each vessel.


{{Type and class}}