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| image       = 
| name        = 
| hcn         = 
| class       = 
| type        = 
| affiliation = 
| launched    = 
| armaments   =
| status      = 
| image2      = 
| altimage    = 


Parameters in bold are required fields. Not bold = optional.

Parameter Explanation
image An image relevant to the ship. If no image is available, omit this parameter and [[File:TenthFleet.png]] will automatically be used.
name Name of the vessel (in italics ('' '')). "HMS", etc. should NOT be italicized. Example: HMS Manticore.
hcn The ship's hull classification number (ie: DD-200 or BC-590). If none, leave blank.
class Class of ship this vessel belongs to (Nike, Roland, Raoul Courvosier, etc.). Specify only the class name (not [[name class|name]]). Italicized and [[linked]] automatically.
type Type of ship. (destroyer, light cruiser, escort, superdreadnought, etc.) [[Linked]] automatically.
affiliation The affiliation of the ship. Flag RMN.png Royal Manticoran Navy, Grayson Space Navy, Template:Ian, Template:Rhn, private, independent, etc.
launched Date of ship's launch.
status Was the ship last "active", "decommissioned", etc.
image2 / altimage Second image relevant to the ship (optional).

Example when done

File:Nike class.jpg
Name: HMS Nike
Class: Nike
Type: battlecruiser
Affiliation: Flag RMN.png Royal Manticoran Navy
Status: active
File:Nike class2.jpg

| image       = Nike class.jpg
| name        = HMS ''Nike''
| hcn         = BC-590
| affiliation = {{rmn}}
| type        = battlecruiser
| class       = Nike
| status      = active
| image2      = Nike class2.jpg