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| crest       = 
| image       = 
| name        = 
| hcn         = 
| city        = 
| class       = 
| type        = 
| affiliation = 
| co          =
| launched    = 
| status      = 
| reportsto   =
| fleet       =
| website     =
| image2      = 
| altimage    = 


Parameters in bold are required fields. Not bold = optional.

Parameter Explanation
crest The ship's crest image. If no image is available, omit this parameter and [[File:RMNFlash.png]] will automatically be used.
image An image relevant to the ship, such as the side elevation or the ship's class image.
name Name of the vessel (in italics ('' '')). "HMS", etc. should NOT be italicized. Example: HMS Fearless.
hcn The ship's hull number (ie: DD-486, BC-592, SD-200, etc). If none, leave blank.
city The chapter's Charter city; essentially the official city of record for that chapter. Do not include any additional areas of patrol, only list a single city or other census-designated place. This will be verified and changed accordingly during edit patrols.
class Class of ship this vessel belongs to (Star Knight, Nike, Invictus, etc.). Specify only the class name (not [[name class|name]]). Italicized and [[linked]] automatically.
type Type of ship. (destroyer, light cruiser, escort, battlecruiser, etc.) [[Linked]] automatically.
affiliation The affiliation of the starship. {{rmn}}, {{gsn}}, {{ian}}, etc.
co Name of the Ship's CO. Keep it short (ie: [[CAPTSG]] Dame Honor Harrington, [[RMN]]). Post-nominals will go into the main article.
launched Date of ship's launch.
status Is this ship currently "Active" or has it been "Decommissioned"?
reportsto Which echelon force (fleet, task force, task group, squadron, etc) does this ship report to? Will be [[linked]] automatically.
fleet Which fleet does this chapter belong to?
website Type in the exact URL. Will be [[linked]] automatically.
image2 / altimage Second or third image relevant to the ship (optional), might be the ship's shoulder flash patch or circular logo.

Example when done

| crest       = SD316Crest.png
| image       = SD316Elevation.png
| name        = HMS ''Medusa''
| hcn         = SD-316
| city        = San Francisco, CA, US
| affiliation = {{rmn}}
| type        = Superdreadnought
| class       = Medusa
| launched    = 14 NOV 2015
| co          = [[CAPTJG]] Erik Roberts, [[RMN]]
| status      = Active
| reportsto   = Battle Division 201
| fleet       = Tenth Fleet
| website     = http://hmsmedusa.org
| image2      = SD316Flash.png