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The superdreadnought (SD) is a hull type utilized by the Royal Manticoran Navy (RMN), Grayson Space Navy (GSN), Republic of Haven Navy (RHN), and the Imperial Andermani Navy (IAN). They're considered amongst the largest spaceborne warships constructed, and share a similar colloquial designation as "ships of the wall".

Pod-laying superdreadnoughts

The latest classes of superdreadnoughts were designed to deploy missile pods, greatly increasing the size of their missile volleys. Ships of this type, including the Medusa and Invictus classes of the RMN, and the Honor Harrington-class of the GSN are often referred to as a "pod-laying superdreadnought," or "superdreadnought (pods)" SD(P) in order to distinguish them from earlier conventional broadside missile armament superdreadnoughts.


The following are classes of superdreadnought available within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.:

Royal Manticoran Navy

The fllowing five listed classes are old ships in the Honorverse timeline, and none have been used for TRMN chapters:

  • Manticore-class
  • Samothrace-class
  • King William-class
  • Anduril-class
  • Victory-class

All current and past TRMN superdreadnought chapters have been from the following classes:

Grayson Space Navy

Republic of Haven Navy

  • No classes available at this time.

Imperial Andermani Navy

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