Naval Directive 20MY-02

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Naval Directive 20MY-02 was issued 02 Jun 2020 under the authority of the First Space Lord. This directive activates the Thirteenth Fleet of The Royal Manticoran Navy

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, all Officers and Enlisted in the Grayson Space Navy, and all Members of the Grand Alliance
From: Laura Lochen, Fleet Admiral of the Red
Re: Activation of 13th Fleet (Naval Directive 20MA-02)

Order dated January 1, 2020 per the First Lord of the Admiralty

To: Vice Admiral Ludmilla Kovářová

You and the gallant spacers and marines of Battlecruiser Squadron 39 have long been a vital component in the Star Empire’s fight against the Solarian League. You have been independently patrolling distant sectors, often far from the support of the Admiralty and your fellow Royal Manticoran Navy forces. I doubt that many other units could have been so successful given these conditions, but your combat effectiveness has been outstanding. You have done all that Her Majesty the Queen could ask of her fighting forces, and so much more.

And now, with the ever-present threat of piracy and nefarious intervention by hostile star nations, the Star Empire needs an even greater bulwark of combat units in the Silesia Sector. Therefore, I am proud to announce Admiralty’s new organizational plan, which will operationally integrate your units along with the rest of the RMN. You will form the THIRTEENTH FLEET, ROYAL MANTICORAN NAVY, and be the vanguard in protecting the interests of not only the Star Empire of Manticore, but the entire Grand Alliance and humanity itself.

The Thirteenth Fleet of the Royal Manticoran Navy is hereby activated and constituted.

The following ships and officers are hereby ordered to assemble at the designated rendezvous point, there to form the operating forces of Thirteenth Fleet:

Battle Cruiser Squadron 39 Commanding Officer: RADM Dame Květa Tonová, Baroness New Tallin.[1]

BatCruDiv 39.1
Division CO: Captain Adam Šiml, GSN
HMS Phantom (BC-418) - flagship of the Thirteenth Fleet
GNS Maria Waltham (BC-58) - division flagship
HMS Athena (BC-439)

BatCruDiv 39.2
Division CO: Commodore Jan Ždárský, RMN
HMS Ishtar (BC-487) - squadron flagship
HMS Royalist (BC-410) - division flagship
HMS Homer (BC-315)
RHNS Acheron (DD-2962)

Honor of the Queen!

Issued by:
Laura Lochen, KSK, KDR, KDE, MC, SC
Fleet Admiral of the Red, RMN
First Space Lord
Duchess Split Rock

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