Naval Directive 19NO-01

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Naval Directive 19NO-01 was issued 27 November 2019 under the authority of the First Space Lord. This directive ends the Black Sphinx Cup annual naval competition.

Order Text

To: Her Majesty's Officers and Enlisted assigned to all Naval Districts, and those Officers and Enlisted serving Navies Allied with the Star Kingdom of Manticore.
From: VADM McCovey Cove, GCE, KCR, RMN, Deputy First Space Lord
Re: Status of the Black Sphinx Cup (Naval Directive 19NO-01)


This Naval Directive rescinds the 1SL Intelligence Memorandum dated 7 January 2016, subject "The Inaugural 2016 Black Sphinx Cup and all Fleet Cups" wherein the Black Sphinx Cup was created and perpetuated.

This year will mark the final Black Sphinx Cup competition within the Royal Manticoran Navy. After receiving overwhelming negative feedback from many members of our organization, along with confirmed reports of activities in opposition to the spirit of the competition, have led to little choice in ending this event once the 2019 winner has been determined and announced.

On behalf of Fleet Admiral Boundary Waters, we would like to thank the tireless efforts of all of the members and chapters who participated in the Cup challenges of this year and years past, to those members who acted as challenge liaisons for their chapters, directors for their fleets, and the intelligence staff officers who worked alongside Sir Steven Rosenthal to conduct the Black Sphinx Cup. We would also like to thank and acknowledge the work of Sir Zach Perkins for founding the Cup in the spirit of fostering healthy participation amongst our members.

Numbered Fleet Headquarters are at their discretion to consider and execute their own events in 2020. Our office is already on plans for 2021; a yearlong event designed to promote and preserve collaboration and cooperation above competition.

Questions or concerns regarding this directive are to be directed to the Deputy First Space Lord.

In Service to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth III of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, and Empress Elizabeth I of the Star Empire of Manticore,

Issued by:
Michael D. Garcia, GCE, KCR, OC, SC, OG, CGM, GS
Vice Admiral of the Red, RMN
Deputy First Space Lord of the Royal Manticoran Navy
The Right Honorable The Lord McCovey Cove

By Direction:

Issued by:
Laura Lochen, KSK, KDR, KDE, MC, SC, DSO, CBM
Fleet Admiral of the Red, RMN
First Space Lord of the Royal Manticoran Navy
The Most Honorable The Countess of Boundary Waters



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