Naval Directive 17JA-01

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Naval Directive 17JA-01 was issued 2 January 2017 under the authority of the First Space Lord. This directive the policy regarding permanent rank, brevet rank and reversion to permanent rank.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, and all Officers and Enlisted in all Allied Navies
From: John Roberts, Fleet Admiral of the Red
Re: Permanent Ranks (ND 17JA-01)

As of the date of this Order, by my hand, and by the authority of the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore Elizabeth III, I hereby define and set forth the policies regarding “Permanent Ranks” in the RMN and Allied Navies:

Permanent rank is defined as the rank you held prior to being brevetted to a new rank to take on a leadership or volunteer position above the chapter level (I.e., Captain, junior grade as CO of a ship but were promoted to Rear Admiral to become a Fleet Commander; your permanent rank is Captain, junior grade).

A brevetted rank becomes your new permanent rank after you have held the position which granted you the rank for a period of one (1) year. If you fail to hold the position, for any reason, for at least one year, you will revert to your permanent rank upon leaving the post.

If you are brevetted to sequential series of positions with less than one year in each, your permanent rank will be the last one you held prior to the series of brevets.

An example of how this process would work:

You are the CO of a Super Dreadnought and hold the rank of Captain, junior grade. You are then tapped to become a Fleet CO and are promoted to Rear Admiral. Your permanent rank, at this point, is Captain, junior grade. After you have been the Fleet CO for one year, RADM is your permanent rank. If you leave the Fleet CO post before one year has passed, you will revert to whatever your permanent rank was before you were named to the Fleet CO post, in this case, Captain, junior grade.

Although the example, above, uses a ship CO to Rear Admiral, this order applies equally to all members (i.e., a crew member on a ship is brevetted to take a post with BuTrain but fails to hold that post for at least one year, they will be demoted to their permanent rank upon leaving the BuTrain post).

This order made under my hand will be effective 0001 hours 02-JAN-17

In Honour of the Queen!

" "
Issued by:
Lord Sir John Roberts, GCE, SC, OR
Fleet Admiral of the Red
First Space Lord
FirstEarl, New Mecklenberg


Questions to and answers from the First Space Lord in response to the post:

Q1: Question: being a Naval Directive, who is this ND binding on?
A1: all Allied Navies....I cannot issue directives for the RMMM, RMMC, RMA, or civilians.

Follow-on Q: But you can issue directives over GSN personnel, despite the fact that they have Protector's Orders to govern their operations?
Follow-on A: Generally speaking, yes. The HA could, in theory issue a Protector's Order that would modify this, but barring such an order, it applies to all Allied Naval personnel.

Q2: What happens if someone takes a position that Is beneath their permanent rank? Say a former space lord "retires" and just wants to be a crew member on a ship.
A2: This is a situation that will be handled when and if it arises. Without anything to work from, we really can't say, but the situation you describe is unlikely.

Q3: I've noticed that this modifies the previous order that Breveted ranks become permanent after 50% of the time in grade to that grade had been served (noted in Membership Handbook v2010 as available on the TRMN webpage). Does the order regarding seniority stand, that upon the rank becoming permanent, the incumbent gains 25% of the TIG as in-rank seniority?
A3: not at this point...this ND may be modified in the future, but this was promulgated in an effort t o get things standardized so we can get on the same page with everything, especially since flag ranks now do not have a time in grade requirement anyore.

Q4: A question from a Bosun....I would assume the reversion would not take place if they were taking up a new post at the same rank, yes? In which case, does the time in their previous billet count toward permanency? E.g., someone's permanent rank is Commander. They're brevetted to Commodore to be the Admiralty House staff officer in charge of biscuits or whatever it is. They do that for 8 months, then leave to go directly into another billet as, say, staff officer in charge of crumpets for the CO of Fifth Fleet, again as a Commodore. So they do that for 8 months, too. A total of 16 months as a Commodore, but not a full year in either billet. When they leave the second one is their permanent rank still Commander? Or is it now Commdore?
A4: correct...if no change in rank it would not most cases, as long as they spent a year at the rank, it would not result in reduction.

Follow-on Q: How about the 2nd part. They do 8 months in teh first job, then 8 months in the new job. Its over a year as Commodore and service, but under a year in both jobs?
Follow-on A: in that case, it would be a case by case thing, but they could likely keep the rank....

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