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A missile pod is a layered alcoholic shot served at events hosted by members of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN).


The missile pod was conceived in 2012 by then-Captain John Neitz. It was inspired by a shot which was traditionally served at Minnesota Renaissance Festival after-hours participant parties. This shot was called the "Alice," said to be short for Alice in Wonderland (because it "sends you to Wonderland") and consisted of layered Cointreau, Kahlua, and tequila. A number would be prepared, and all those partaking would shout in unison "prepare for shot!" before throwing them back.

Neitz's idea was to create a layered shot with a new combination of ingredients that would be unique to TRMN, and he came up with the name "missile pod" as a way to tie them in to the Honorverse theme.[1] Neitz shared this concept with then-CPO Bill Lochen, who often served Alices, and Lochen developed the recipe. Ever since, making up new alcoholic drinks in TRMN has been referred to as "weapons development."

The first missile pods were mixed and consumed on 8 June 2012 at a party at Lochen's house. They made their convention debut a month later at the TRMN party room at CONvergence 2012.

A volley of missile pods prepared at a convention.


There are three ingredients:

  • Creme de cacao
  • Rumchata
  • Hot 100 Cinnamon liquer

All must be well chilled. The creme de cacao is poured into the glass first, with the rumchata layered on top of it, and lastly a "warhead" of Hot 100.

Any shot glass may be used, but the Bureau of Supply has had custom shot glasses produced with the TRMN logo and "MISSILE POD" printed on it.[2]

Pod rolling ceremony

At a gathering of TRMN members or at a convention party room, a "volley" of missile pods is prepared, commonly a dozen. Those who will partake are gathered into a circle facing inward and each served a prepared missile pod. A host standing in within the circle will then explain the missile pod and its relation to the Honorverse, and give instructions as to how to consume it.

The host may address the guests in an "in-universe" manner, such as portraying a gruff Chief Petty Officer training new missile crew members, haranguing the guests like a Drill Instructor, but in a humorous manner.

All are instructed to count down in unison "THREE! TWO! ONE! ROLL PODS!" And then they each shout in succession "FIRE!" and throw back the shot in a single gulp, going around the circle as quickly as possible.

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  2. The first glasses produced were misspelled "MISSLE POD."