Corps Directive 01-1409

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This Corps Directive was RESCINDED by Corps Directive 01-1501
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Corps Directive 01-1409 was issued 20 September 2014 under the authority of the Marshal of the Corps. It defines the approval process for regimental insignia.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
From: Marshal Sean Niemeyer, Marshal of the Corps
Re: Regimental Insignia Approval Process (Corps Directive 01-1409)

In an effort to streamline the approval and manufacturing of regimental insignia the following policies and procedures are hereby implemented.

Regimental Insignia
All regimental insignia MUST meet the following criteria:

  1. Must fit within a 2"x2" area.
  2. May be any shape so long as it fits in the area as specified above.
  3. All designs must be pictographic. No letters or numbers are to be used.
  4. Must be representative of the regiment.
  5. All designs must be original and must not be copied whole or in part from existing designs. Nor can they incorporate "clipart". All artwork must be original. Elements from the Honorverse to which tRMN has a license to use are exempt from this rule.


  1. A regiment may use whatever process they wish to create a design for submission. However submissions should be made by a single representative of the regiment in question.
  2. All regiments are to submit their proposed design to COMFORCECOM as a high quality JPEG, PNG, or Adobe Illustrator file (AI). COMFORCECOM or their designee will evaluate whether or not the design meets the basic design elements as outlined above and if it can be produced as a patch. If the design meets that criteria it will be passed onto both BuComm and tRMN's Office of Heraldry for review. If approved the design will be passed along to BuNine for their review.
  3. If the design is approved by COMFORCECOM, BuComm, Heraldry, and BuNine the design and documented approvals will then be passed onto the Commandant for final approval.

If any one of the offices/organizations listed above rejects the design for ANY reason, the design will have to be reworked and the submissions process started anew.

If a design is approved the next step is to create patches. However, due to licensing agreements between tRMN, BuNine, and Worlds of Weber, ALL production and sales must be done through BuSup using approved vendors and sales outlets. COMFORCECOM or their designee shall make arrangements with BuSup for the production and sales of all regimental patches.

The above effective 0000 hrs. 18 SEP, 2014. In Honour of the Queen!

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Issued by:
Marshal of the Corps
Lord Sir Sean Niemeyer, KCR, KDE, GS
Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
First Earl, New Ulyanovsk

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