BuTrain Order 50-19

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BuTrain Order 50-19 was issued on 11 August 2019 by the Commodore Sir Matthew Miller, KDE, SC, QBM. This order appoints a member to the BuTrain Academy staff.

Order Text

To: All Members of the Grand Alliance
From: Commodore Sir Matthew Miller, KDE, SC, QBM
Re: Appointment of Saganami Island Naval War College Chief of Staff (BuTrain Order 050-19)

Effective August 10, 2019, Korvettenkapitain Charles Prael (RMN-4813-17) is appointed to the position of Chief of Staff to the SIA War College.

Korvettenkapitain Prael, you are hereby ordered to report, post haste, to the SIA War College as its Chief of Staff.



In honor of the Empress

" "
Issued by:
Sir Matthew Miller, KDE, SC, QBM
Commodore, RMN


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