BuTrain Order 080-17

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BuTrain Order 080-17 was issued on 12 October 2017 by the CDRE Colin Lloyd, MC, OE. This order creates the 32 Club.

Order Text

To: All Members of the Grand Alliance
From: CDRE Colin Lloyd, MC, OE
Re: Creation of the 32 Club (BuTrain Order 080-17)

The purpose of the 32 Club is to recognize those members who have completed the available curriculum in the SIA Technical Specialties College.

Within the Technical Specialties College there are a substantial number of courses across a wide set of specialties. It is not unusual for students to take a few courses in the field that they might be interested in role playing or focus on the courses that will get them their Space Warfare Pin. However, few students fully complete the entire curriculum.

There are currently 96 SIA TSC courses (A,C,and D, not counting W) available. The successful completion of many speciality courses across that wide a range of fields is an achievement that should be celebrated and recognised.

The 32 Club is named in recognition of the number of courses available at the time of its creation. This will not change as courses get added into TSC, but remain as a mark of this point in time.


The 32 Club is open to all who have completed the full curriculum in SIA TSC regardless of branch, and has two levels.

Silver: For - Members who have completed the standard ACD courses. Requirements - Complete all A, C, and D courses in the SIA TSC.

Gold: For - Those who have shown extra dedication to TSC learning. Requirements - Complete all SIA TSC D courses plus at least one W project in each of the eight SIA TSC departments.


Administration will be at the level of the SIA TSC Commandant’s office, with applications being received and processed by the SIA TSC Chief of Staff and membership awarded by the TSC Commandant.

Application and Induction Procedure:

The applicants can fill out a Google form which will be linked in the forums, or email the TSC CoS (tsccos@sia.trmn.org) with a request to be recognised as eligible for inclusion in the 32 Club. The TSC CoS or TSC Commandant will review the applicant's record to determine eligibility and level.

New members will be inducted once per month, as soon after month end as practical, and this will be by an announcement on the forum. This announcement will be by the SIA TSC Commandant or the TSC CoS for the Commandant.

Members will be emailed a certificate to certify their membership and level.

As and when courses are added to TSC, existing members will automatically be grandfathered through at their current level. However if they wish to apply for a higher level, they must have completed the full requirements for that level.

Physical Representation:

All members may purchase and wear the 32 Club pin as an emblem of their achievement, although this is not an approved uniform item so it may not be worn on a TRMN uniform.

In Honor of the Queen!

" "
Issued by:
Colin Lloyd, MC, OE
Commodore, RMN


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