BuTrain Order 066-16

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Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, Saganami Island Academy Faculty, and all Allied Forces
From: RADM Sir Eric Schulman, OM, SC, OG, ME,
Re: Induction into the Ellen D'Orville Honor Society (BuTrain Order 066-16)

By my hand, and by the authority of the Sovereign, Queen of Manticore, Elizabeth III, I hereby formally announce the members of the Ellen D'Orville Honor Society inducted from August to December 2016. These personnel have completed all eight Royal Manticoran Navy Officer Courses (SIA-RMN-0101 through SIA-RMN-0106 plus SIA-RMN-0113 and SIA-RMN-0115). The two highest levels additionally require completion of all five Royal Manticoran Navy War College courses (SIA-RMN-1001 through SIA-RMN-1005).

Ellen D'Orville Honor Society – Member

Captain (JG) Larry Cameron, RMN, HMS Titan Commander Roon Marchant, RMN, HMS Chiron Lieutenant Commander Michael Naron, RMN, HMS Artemis

Ellen D'Orville Honor Society – Cum Laude Member

Captain Desiree Arceneaux, GSN, GNSS Katherine Mayhew Captain (JG) Timothy Bailey, RMN, HMS Musashi Captain Joseph Barrow, GSN, HMS Hydra Captain (SG) Brian Chappell, RMN, HMS Imperator Captain (JG) Christopher Beilby, RMN, HMS Artemis Rear Admiral of the Red Daniel Brandow, RMN, HMS Implacable Captain (SG) Christa Brolley, RMN, HMS Hector Captain (JG) Pam Cole, RMN, HMS Grendelsbane Commander Cary Anne Conder, RMN, HMS Callisto Commander Megan Davidson, GSN, HMS Seljuk Captain Robert Demkiw, GSN, GNS Madrigal Captain (JG) Justin Dupras, RMN, HMS Demon Captain (JG) Alice Fawcett, RMN, HMS Rigel Captain (SG) Zachariah Fraser, RMN, HMS Snow Leopard Commodore Michael Garcia, RMN, HMS Medusa Brigadier General Joseph P Grieco, Jr, RMMC, HMS Snow Leopard Captain Martyn Griffiths, GSN, GNS Albion Captain (JG) Joseph Harney, RMN, HMS Chainshot Kapitainleutnant Darran Hirose, IAN, HMS Peregrine Brigadier General Kevin Horner, RMA, King William's Tower Captain (JG) Kevin Johnson, RMN, HMS Sabrepike Commodore James Jones, RMN, HMS Cerberus Captain (JG) Duane Kietzmann, RMN, HMS Helen Commander Jeremy Kittleson, RMN, HMS Merlin Captain (JG) William J Knight, RMN, HMS Implacable Colonel Andrew Knipe, RMMC, GNS Albion Lieutenant Commander Matthew Lindquist, GSN, HMS Vixen Captain (JG) Patrick Lindsley, RMN, HMSS Greenwich Senior Master Chief Petty Officer Bill Lochen, RMN, HMS Invincible Chief Petty Officer Ed Lund, RMN, HMS Eardsidh Kamerling Commander RJ Lundgren, RMN, HMS Invictus Kapitän der Sterne Laura Sophia Lüschen, IAN, SMS Buddenbrock Captain (JG) Zachary McCauley, RMN, HMS Intrepid Commodore Jill McTavish, RMN, HMS Valkyrie Rear Admiral David Melsome, GSN, SNS Albion Lieutenant Commander Matthew Miller, RMN, HMS Gaheris Lieutenant (JG) Stephen Nemer, RMN, HMS Intrepid Commander Edward Newton, RMN, HMS Eardsidh Kamerling Captain (SG) Jesse Oquendo, RMN, HMS Pegasus Commodore Matthew Parker, RMN, HMS Grendelsbane Commodore Zach Perkins, RMN, HMS Penelope Captain (SG) Mark Polanis, RMN, HMS Kraken Commodore Eddy Roberts, RMN, HMS Helen Zilwicki Commodore James D Sena, RMN, HMS Black Rose Commander Jackie Snedden, RMN, HMS Ajax Captain (JG) Jaeryn Spedden, RMN, HMS Dienekes Captain (JG) Sonja Thiede, RMN, HMS Wolf Commander Christopher Thompson, RMN, HMS Valkyrie Captain (JG) David T Toback, RMN, HMS Reliant Vice Admiral of the Red Daniel Walker, RMN, HMS Werewolf Commodore Edward H Wandall, RMN, HMS Rigel Commodore David Weiner, RMN, HMS Achilles Captain Mark A West (posthumous), GSN, HMS Valhalla Captain (SG) Zachary White, RMN, HMS Achilles Commander Jack Yeager, RMN, HMS Roland

Ellen D'Orville Honor Society – Magna Cum Laude Member

Fleet Admiral of the Green Scott A Akers, RMN, Admiralty House Captain (SG) Garret Bitker, RMN, HMS Merlin Commodore Wayne Bruns, RMN, HMS Imperatrix Admiral of the Green James Friedline, RMN, Admiralty House Commodore Kim A Niemeyer, RMN, GNS Erastus Rear Admiral of the Red Michael Paquette, RMN, HMS Hector Admiral of the Green John Roberts, RMN, Admiralty House

Ellen D'Orville Honor Society – Summa Cum Laude Member

Captain (SG) Sherman Day, RMN, HMS Demon Captain (SG) Cindy Jeffers, RMN, HMS Invictus Rear Admiral of the Red Laura Lochen, RMN, HMS Invincible Captain (JG) Patrick McKinnion, RMN, HMS Andromeda Rear Admiral of the Red John Neitz, RMN, HMS Invincible Rear Admiral of the Red Eric Schulman, RMN, HMS Hector Captain (JG) Geoff Strayer, RMN, HMS Demon

Congratulations to all!

" "
Issued by:
Sir Eric Schulman, OM, SC, OG, ME
Read Admiral of the Green, RMN
Commandant, Saganami Island Naval Academy