BuTrain Order 038-21

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BuTrain Order 038-21 was issued on 22 May, 2021 by the Commandant of the RMMC's Technical Specialties Center. It appointed the Command Sergeant Major for the TSC.

Order Text

To: All members of the Grand Alliance
From: Major General W.T. Farley, SC, DSO, CBM Commandant RMMCTC at Camp Maastricht
Re: Appointment of Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command, Command Sergeant Major.

I have the honor to announce the appointment of Master Sergeant James Johnson, RMMC (RMN-5156-18) as the new Command Sergeant Major of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command.

This appointment includes the promotion to Sergeant Major (E-9).

Sergeant Major Johnson you are hereby ordered to report immediately to Major General W.T. Farley at the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command, Camp Maastricht. There to perform the duties and assignments as the RMMCTC Command Sergeant Major.

BuTrain order 038-21 is effective as of 22 May 2021.

Congratulations and welcome aboard Command Sergeant Major Johnson!

Issued by:
W.T. Farley, SC, DSO, CBM
Major General RMMC
Commandant RMMCTC


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