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Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command
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RMMCTC Marine College
Enlisted Training Center
Officer Training Center
RMMCTC War College
RMMCTC Staff Officer School
RMMCTC Technical Specialties College
RMMCTC Marine Skills School
RMMCTC Marine Shipboard Skills School
RMMCTC Marine Administration School

The War College trains those who are interested in becoming Flag Officers. The War College focus heavily on advanced management, leadership, and tactics, with emphasis on being a leader in TRMN.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Brigadier General SIA-RMMC-1001 SIA-RMMC-0106
Large Unit Tactics SIA-RMMC-1002 SIA-RMMC-1001
Military Administration SIA-RMMC-1003 SIA-RMMC-1002
Advance Leadership SIA-RMMC-1004 SIA-RMMC-1003