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Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command
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The Marine Technical Specialties College trains enlisted Marines for their specialty ratings and officers to lead those Marines. The Specialties College includes 10 Specialty Ratings and additional Technical Specialty Qualifications programs.

Marine Skills School

Marine Shipboard Specialties School

Marine Administration School

Each rating has three associated courses levels (A, C, and D) and one optional warrant project.

  • The A course (rate specific training) is designed to teach E-1 through E-3 enlisted personnel how to perform the duties of their rating. Successful completion of the A level course would allow the member to have their rank changed to include the specialist rating.
  • The C course (advanced rate specific training) is designed for non-commissioned officers (E-4 and above) in the rating to expand their knowledge and leadership. Successful completion of the C level course would allow the member to have their rank changed to include the advanced specialist rating.
  • The D course – (expert rate specific training). Successful completion will then allow the member to become a Rated Company Commander (or equivalent) for their specialty (if their rank is equivalent).
  • The Warrant or W project is an optional project open to all students to offer them a chance to advance the specialty in some way. (Please see SIA Warrant Officer Projects section for information on Warrant Officer projects)
  • Individuals who complete all the D level courses in a department are qualified to lead such a department onboard ship.