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Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command
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Armorers ensure that all weapons and equipment are fit for service. They run commissioning and service checks on battle armor and weapons. They ensure all weapons, from M9 pistols to mounted plasma cannons, are working correctly. They are responsible for the safe storage of all weapons and battle armor when not in use, as well as the safe storage and issue of ammunition. They act as administrators and coaches for the firing range and Marine combat simulators.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Armorer SIA-SRMC-01A SIA-RMMC-0001
Advanced Armorer SIA-SRMC-01C SIA-RMMC-0002
Armorer Division Head Qualification SIA-SRMC-01D SIA-RMMC-0101
Armorer Warrant Officer Project SIA-SRMC-01W SIA-RMMC-0011

Rifleman/Grenadier Marine Special Teams School

The back-bone of the RMMC, all Marines are trained as Rifleman/Grenadier during basic training, but this specialism provides more specialist training and expertise in infantry tactics and skills.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Rifleman / Grenadier SIA-SRMC-07A SIA-RMMC-0001
Advanced Rifleman / Grenadier SIA-SRMC-07C SIA-RMMC-0002
Rifleman / Grenadier Division Head Qualification SIA-SRMC-07D SIA-RMMC-0101
Rifleman / Grenadier Warrant Officer Project SIA-SRMC-07W SIA-RMMC-0011

Assault Marine

Assault Marines are specialists in the use of assault techniques and weapons against fixed defenses, either in atmosphere or in vacuum. They are often used as a spearhead in an attack. Their training includes the use of explosives, diversionary tactics, and the advantage of speed in attack.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Assault Marine SIA-SRMC-05A SIA-RMMC-0001
Advanced Assault Marine SIA-SRMC-05C SIA-RMMC-0002
Assault Marine Division Head Qualification SIA-SRMC-05D SIA-RMMC-0101
Assault Marine Warrant Officer Project SIA-SRMC-05W SIA-RMMC-0011

Recon Marine

Recon Marines are trained to take advantage of the speed, range and communications ability of Marine Battle Armor when reconfigured to remove weight (weapons and ammunition) and increase power (by adding battery packs). They can move at 60 kilometers per hour and use the Battle Armor adaptive camouflage system to help them stay concealed, while providing information to the command team.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Recon Marine SIA-SRMC-06A SIA-RMMC-0001
Advanced Recon Marine SIA-SRMC-06C SIA-RMMC-0002
Recon Marine Division Head Qualification SIA-SRMC-06D SIA-RMMC-0101
Recon Marine Warrant Officer Project SIA-SRMC-06W SIA-RMMC-0011

Heavy Weapons Marine Security School

Heavy Weapons specialists have advanced training in the use of the Heavy Weapons available to the RMMC, their use, care and special tactics designed to increase their effectiveness.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Heavy Weapons Marine SIA-SRMC-08A SIA-RMMC-0001
Advanced Heavy Weapons Marine SIA-SRMC-08C SIA-RMMC-0002
Heavy Weapons Marine Division Head Qualification SIA-SRMC-08D SIA-RMMC-0101
Heavy Weapons Marine Warrant Officer Project SIA-SRMC-08W SIA-RMMC-0011

Marine Police (MP)

Marines act as a service Police Force for the formation/vessel that they are assigned to. They are responsible for the detention and/or restraint, and general management of prisoners and for the detention area. MPs will often have a secondary specialization, which they will take up when in action.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Marine Police SIA-SRMC-02A SIA-RMMC-0001
Advanced Marine Police SIA-SRMC-02C SIA-RMMC-0002
Marine Police Division Head Qualification SIA-SRMC-02D SIA-RMMC-0101
Marine Police Warrant Officer Project SIA-SRMC-02W SIA-RMMC-0011

Embassy Guard

These Marines are often the public face of the RMMC outside the Star Kingdom. They act as examples of the best Manticore has to offer, as well as providing a security force for the protection of the Diplomatic Service civilians present. They are assigned to permanent embassies and Diplomatic missions throughout the Republic of Haven and the Solarian League, as well as in Andermani territory and other independent systems. They also act as guards for diplomatic envoys.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Embassy Guard SIA-SRMC-10A SIA-RMMC-0001
Advanced Embassy Guard SIA-SRMC-10C SIA-RMMC-0002
Embassy Guard Division Head Qualification SIA-SRMC-10D SIA-RMMC-0101
Embassy Guard Warrant Officer Project SIA-SRMC-10W SIA-RMMC-0011