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Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command
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RMMCTC Marine College
Enlisted Training Center
Officer Training Center
RMMCTC War College
RMMCTC Staff Officer School
RMMCTC Technical Specialties College
RMMCTC Marine Skills School
RMMCTC Marine Shipboard Skills School
RMMCTC Marine Administration School

There are four series of rank or promotion courses offered at Camp Maastricht: Enlisted, Warrant Officer, Officer, and Flag Officer. The courses are designed to test a candidate’s knowledge on issues pertaining to the TRMN, the Honorverse, and Military History. They are also designed to help develop management and leadership skills that will help you as an NCO, in leading a squad, commanding platoon, and being the commanding officer of a battalion, regiment, or expeditionary force.

Marine College rank courses make up a candidate’s academic record and may be part of any promotion board deliberation based on your advancement path.

Enlisted Training Center

The Enlisted Training Center introduces the Honorverse and TRMN. Enlisted Courses are designed to familiarize students with the basic history of the RMMC and warfare in general, along with other information dealing with aspects of military life. In later courses, the basics of leadership and management are covered.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Enlisted SIA-RMMC-0001 Membership
Basic Non-Commissioned Officer SIA-RMMC-0002 SIA-RMMC-0001
Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer SIA-RMMC-0003 SIA-RMMC-0002
First Sergeant SIA-RMMC-0004 SIA-RMMC-0003
Sergeant major SIA-RMMC-0005 SIA-RMMC-0004
Regimental Sergeant Major SIA-RMMC-0006 SIA-RMMC-0005

Officer Training Center

Marine Warrant Officer School

The Warrant Officer School provides training to those who seek the Monarch’s Warrant. Warrant Officers are chosen from the ranks of experienced non-commissioned officers, with at least six months at E-6 or higher, who wish to have more command responsibility.

Warrant officer courses expand on the basics learned in the Enlisted College and continue to cover management and leadership functions required of those who would hold a warrant in the TRMN. Warrant officers must also have a Monarch’s Warrant, granted by the Crown and issued by the Office of the First Lord of Admiralty.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Warrant Officer SIA-RMMC-0011 SIA-RMMC-0004
Chief Warrant Officer SIA-RMMC-0012 SIA-RMMC-0011
Master Chief Warrant Officer SIA-RMMC-0013 SIA-RMMC-0012

Marine Junior and Senior Officer School

The Junior and Senior Officer Schools prepare marines to be officers, from the ground up. As the courses advance they begin to add in leadership and management.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Second Lieutenant SIA-RMMC-0101 SIA-RMMC-0004
First Lieutenant SIA-RMMC-0102 SIA-RMMC-0101
Captain (RMMC) SIA-RMMC-0103 SIA-RMMC-0102
Introduction to Management SIA-RMMC-0113 SIA-RMMC-0103
Major SIA-RMMC-0104 SIA-RMMC-0113
Lieutenant Colonel SIA-RMMC-0105 SIA-RMMC-0104
Introduction to Leadership SIA-RMMC-0115 SIA-RMMC-0105
Colonel SIA-RMMC-0106 SIA-RMMC-0115