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Admin Specialist School

Admin Specialists deal with the administrative details of their Marine detachment to relieve the Detachment Commander of this burden, and free his time to concentrate on preparing the detachment for their mission. They will collate information and statistics, compile reports, complete forms and reply to information requests. They also deal with the paperwork related to personnel issues, such as pay, transfers between units, promotions, injuries and death in service, leave, awards, etc.

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Basic Admin Specialist SIA-SRMC-09A SIA-RMMC-0001
Advanced Admin Specialist SIA-SRMC-09C SIA-RMMC-0002
Admin Specialist Division Head Qualification SIA-SRMC-09D SIA-RMMC-0101
Admin Specialist Warrant Officer Project SIA-SRMC-09W SIA-RMMC-0011