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King Roger I Military Academy
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KR1MA Enlisted Training Center
KR1MA Officer Training Center
BuTrain:KR1MA Staff Officer School
KR1MA War College
KR1MA Branch/Army Occupational Specialty Schools
KR1MA Armor Branch
KR1MA Aviation Branch
KR1MA Artillery Branch
KR1MA Engineer Branch
KR1MA Infantry Branch
KR1MA Military Police Branch
KR1MA Quartermaster Branch
KR1MA Medical Branch


The King Roger I Military Academy’s (KR1MA) charter describes its primary mission as that of training and developing the men and women who serve in the ground forces of the Royal Manticoran Army to meet the challenge of planetary combat. With 7 campuses and a combined total of over a million acres of training areas spread across every planet in the Manticore system, the KR1MA has developed into a premier planetary training facility for the soldiers, sailors and airmen of the RMA.

While in many ways the KR1MA is the Royal Manticoran Army’s answer to Saganami Island Academy, there are some fundamental differences between the organizations. While the KR1MA is mainly focused on training the enlisted and officers of the RMA, it also serves as the umbrella organization for the RMA’s research and development projects and as a repository for military history and doctrine.


Commanding Officer, King Roger I Military Academy (COMKR1MA)

The Commanding Officer’s responsibilities include coordinating training for all RMA members and managing the process of course development in cooperation with BuTrain. The appointment of Branch Managers and Instructor personnel also lies within his purview. The Commanding Officer reports directly to the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Training (ODCSTRA) and chairs the KR1MA Advisory board.

King Roger I Military Academy Advisory Board

The KR1MA Advisory Board is made up of select RMA personnel with the specific mission of advising the COMKR1MA in the development of training and doctrine for the Royal Manticoran Army. The Advisory Board membership includes Chief Instructors from each main school (Enlisted, Noncommissioned Officer, and Officer School) as well as each Branch Manager. Branch Managers/Senior Instructor Branch Managers and Senior Instructors have similar roles within the KR1MA and are only differentiated by the type of school that they are responsible for overseeing within the structure of the KR1MA. By tradition, Senior Instructors, because they oversee the main line of education within the KR1MA, are senior to Branch Managers by virtue of position.


Instructors in the KR1MA are the primary conduit between the students and the staff. They are more specialized than Branch Managers/Senior Instructors and are only responsible for the management of student testing for one or two courses under the oversight of either a Senior Instructor or Branch Manager.

KR1MA Schools