BuShips Directive 2006-03

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BuShips Directive 2006-03 was issued on 7 June 2020 under the authority of the Third Space Lord. This directive awards the Meritorious Service Medal to Commodore Doss Buckalew, Baron New Greyhawke

Order Text

To: All Officers, Enlisted, and Civilians within the Star Kingdom of Manticore, as well as those Allied with Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen, Elizabeth III
From: Rear Admiral Calabasas
Re: Resignation of Deputy Third Space Lord, Award of Meritorious Service Medal (Buships Directive 2006-03)

Ladies and gentlemen of the Grand Alliance,

I have just accepted the resignation of Commodore Doss Buckalew, Baron New Greyhawke, from his position as Deputy Third Space Lord, Bureau of Ships. Although I hate to see him go, he is much needed elsewhere in the organization, and he could not retain his position as Deputy Third Space Lord in order to fulfill that obligation.

Commodore New Greyhawke, without your guidance and dedication throughout these last few years, and with all the work and effort you've put into the Bureau of Ships so far this year, you are hereby awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, First Cluster.

Thank you for all you've done, the Bureau won't be the same without you.

In Service to Her Majesty, the Sovereign Queen of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, Elizabeth III,

" "
Issued by:
Christopher Thompson, GCE, MC, OC, KR, SC, NS
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Third Space Lord, Bureau of Ships
The Right Honorable, The Baron Calabasas



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