Army Directive 1809-01

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Army Directive 1809-01 was issued 03 September 2018 under the authority of the Marshal of the Army. It specifies recommendations for a Home Guard uniform.

Order Text

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Army and King Roger I Military Academy Faculty and Staff, all Allied Navies, and Landing University System
From: Field Marshall[1] Lady Dame Heather Selbe, AC, KSK, KE, MG
Re: Home Guard Uniform Recommendations and Specifications (Army Directive 1809-01)

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The No. 5 Battle Dress uniform is intended for Home Guard units as a combined field dress/service dress uniform in accordance with the planet-bound and civil defense nature of the Home Guard. Since home guardsmen purchase their own uniforms, one uniform stands in for two to decrease out of pocket expenses for the individual Guardsman. The uniform has found its way into use in the Regular Army on the homeworlds. Each Home Guard unit as a Peer who is "Colonel of the Regiment." That peer often makes changes in color, headgear or footgear to suit their own personal tastes.

NOTE: When a Peer selects a uniform option for their Home Guard unit, that option becomes the standard across the entire unit. A Peer should work with their Home Guardsmen to ensure these decisions are acceptable to the unit, and all Guardsmen in the unit who choose to wear the uniform should wear it according to the unit-wide guidelines.


  • Standard RMA Beret.
  • Garrison Cap with RMA Beret Flash attached to the right front of the cap, if so opted by the sponsoring Peer. Officers wear insignia of rank opposite the beret flash.
  • Some Peers have authorized patrol caps, garrison caps and Aussie-style hats. Whatever is chosen by the Peer, it is to be uniform across the entire specific unit.


  • Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt, like the Propper example below.
    • Propper Men's Long Sleeve Tactical Shirt
  • Default is Olive Drab. Other colors as authorized by the sponsoring Peer, but again, must be uniform across the entire specific unit.


  • Lightweight Tactical Pants like the Propper example below:
    • Propper Men's Lightweight Tactical Pant
  • Default is Olive Drab. Other colors as authorized by the sponsoring Peer, but again, must be uniform across the entire specific unit.


  • Web Belt or leather garrison belt as specified by sponsoring Peer. The Peer may also elect to have one standard for Enlisted and one for Officer, such as web belt with black buckle for enlisted and web belt with gold buckle for officers. Once the standard is set, it is to be the same across the specific unit.


  • Selected by the sponsoring Peer, but alike across the unit. Popular choices are black combat boots, black jungle boots, tan roughout combat boots, and law enforcement-style patrol boots.


  • Officer insignia to be worn on shoulder strap *or* collar, but not both, as prescribed by the sponsoring Peer. The Peer may choose to prescribe the RMA brass for the shoulder strap, change it to the initials of the Peerage holding, or omit it completely.
  • Enlisted insignia to be worn on the sleeve *or* collar, but not both, as prescribed by the sponsoring Peer.
  • NAME TAG - The Home Guard name tags are intended to facilitate interface with civilian populations, and thus tend to have more than just the last name and first initial of the Guardsman on them. They vary by command and Peerage fiat, but an example name tag from Sandgate Castle would have the Regimental logo on the left of the nametag, and then the following four lines
    • BILLET
    • UNIT


  • "HOME GUARD" tab to be worn over the RMA Rampant Manticore patch on the right shoulder 5cm below the shoulder seam, with the tab centered vertically between the Manticore patch and the shoulder seam.

Regimental patch on the left shoulder, placed as it would be on the standard RMA Service Dress Uniform, 1.5cm below the shoulder seam. This can be the patch of the individual Home Guard regiment, or the Regular Army Regimental Combat Team to which the Home Guard Regiment is adjunct.

If a Home Guard unit does not have a Sponsoring Peer as an actual TRMN member with a Peerage, the command team of the Home Guard unit can make elections to the No. 5 Battle Dress standards when the unit is formed as if a Sponsoring Peer has done so. If a Peer later adopts the Home Guard unit, that peer should carefully consider what any changes to the uniform would cost their members to enact. It is advisable for a new Home Guard unit to seek out a Peer during their initial founding.

Uniforms enhance the effort to “get into character” or “set the mood” for any event with a TRMN presence. It also helps identify you as a member of the group. Nothing in the above is to be considered mandatory for membership in the RMA or TRMN.

Issued by:
Lady Dame Heather Selbe, AC, KSK, KE, MG
Field Marshall, Royal Manticoran Army
Baroness of Blacksburg


  1. Typo in original text; should be Field Marshal