Army Directive 05-1202

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Army Directive 05-1201 was issued in May 2012 under the authority of the Marshal of the Army. It provides instruction in proper formation & basic foot drill for the RMA.

To: All Officers and Enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Army
From: Marshal Lord Sir Robert J. Jackson, KE, Marshal of the Army, RMA
Re: Standing in Formation - Without Arms (Army Directive 05-1202)

As of as of the date of this Order the following will be the official policy for all Branches of the Royal Manticoran Army, a Division of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. with regards standing in formation “Without Arms”.

OPEN ORDER is taken by each soldier stretching out his right arm and keeping that distance from his right-hand man.

Sec. 1.
Position of the Soldier
The equal squareness of the shoulders and body to the front is the first and great principle of the position of a soldier. The heels must be in a line, and closed;-the knees straight: the toes turned out, so that the feet may form an angle of 60 degrees; -the arms hanging close to the body; the elbows turned in and close to the side; -the hands open to the front, with the view of preserving the elbow in the indispensable position, as above described, and thereby of preventing false distances when marching in line; the little fingers lightly touching the seams of the trousers, with the thumb close to the fore-finger; -the belly rather. drawn in, and the breast advanced, but without constraint; -the body upright, but inclining forward, so that the weight of it may principally bear on the fore-part of the feet; -the head to be erect, and the eyes straight to the front.

Sec. 2.
Standing at Ease.
Stand at Ease.
On the words Stand at Ease, the right foot is to be drawn back about six inches, and the greatest part of the weight of the body brought upon it; the left knee a little bent; the hands brought together before the body; the palms being struck smartly together, and that of the left hand then slipped over the back of the right; but the shoulders to be kept back and square; the head to the front, and the whole attitude without constraint.

On the word Attention, the hands are to fall smartly upon the outside of the thighs; the right heel to be brought up in a line with the left; and the proper unconstrained position of a soldier immediately resumed.

When standing at ease for any considerable time in cold weather, the men are permitted to move their limbs, but without quitting their ground, so that upon the word Attention, no one shall have materially lost his dressing in the line. In this case the Stand at Ease is given in the tone of permission and not of command.

In Honor of the Queen!

Issued by:
Lord Sir Rbt. J Jackson, KE
Marshal of the Army, RMA
Baron, Karstadt Sea
King William’s Tower, Landing


Original publication date of the order is unknown. May 2012 is inferred from the order number, as it no longer appears on

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